Ecom Degree Workshop Review

There are so many different e-commerce training programs that I have lost count. It seems like there’s a new training program that pops up out of nowhere every few weeks. And I get it. There are a lot of people who want to learn about e-commerce. Maybe they saw a video of a certain personality who found success in e-commerce and they want to achieve that level of success for themselves. With so many resources out there about e-commerce, it’s hard focus the important things. So that’s why there have been these training programs. They supposedly take the guess work out of learning about e-commerce.

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One such place that offers e-commerce training programs is, unsurprisingly, a place called Ecom Degree University. The learning platform was created by William Rivera, somebody who has experienced success through e-commerce. Like I said in the previous paragraph, a lot of people who create these training programs have experience in running an e-commerce business of their own. There’s probably a good chance that they learned about e-commerce from either a training program or just videos about it on YouTube. That’s usually the case. With so many different resources about e-commerce available out there, I kind of doubt that got into it blind.

Will seems to offer a more focused workshop adjacent to the one that they teach in the Ecom Degree University called the Ecom Degree Workshop. It’s definitely not an inventive name. And it’s actually kind of vague for what the workshop is about. But I guess Will committed to the Ecom Degree branding so let’s roll with that. From what I understand, this live workshop will help you get the hang of selling wholesale on Amazon. He refers to it as a recession-proof strategy. Though I’m not really if it is or not.

Wholesaling on Amazon is pretty much the same as wholesaling in your own brick and mortar store. Wholesaling is a process where you buy certain products in bulk and sell them at retail price. Whenever you buy a product in bulk, you’re buying it cheaper than if you buy the same amount of that product individually. But the thing about wholesaling is that you have to guarantee that the product that you’re selling has high demand. If people are desperate to buy that product, you have the upper hand in this case.

In order to become a wholesaler, you have to have a business license to do so. You can’t just buy something in bulk with the intention of reselling it. You’re running a business at that point. And you will need to have the licenses to do so. You’re also going to pay taxes for it because you’re selling a large amount of items at a certain price. And that’s one of the things that they’d probably discuss in the workshop.

The thing I am amazed about the Ecom Degree Workshop is that it’s live. Normally, the training programs I have seen have mainly been pre-recorded videos so that you can watch it again in your own time. But with the workshop that Will is providing, you’re actually going to class in a sense. You’re going to be sitting for a few hours watch Will explain the basics of setting up your seller account on Amazon and finding the best products and the suppliers who have that product.

For the most part, it seems that the thing that Will is teaching you is something that other selling on Amazon already know. Like wholesaling isn’t some new technique that somehow flew under the radar until Will found out about and decided to make a workshop on it. I always find it hilarious when they treat something like it’s an unknown concept. Unless you aren’t really aware of commerce terms like that before, but wholesale and retail are very common words. Most people are acutely aware of what it is.

Since it seems like the workshop that Will is provided is free of charge, you could possible get something out of it. But with any kind of business, you have to put in the work. There will be ups and downs. But I know that you can overcome it if you’re really determined to make the business succeed.

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