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Need advice or strategy that can help you grow your eCommerce business? Ecom Elite Consulting has got you covered. Even if you haven’t started yet, they’re more than welcome to teach and guide you on how to start your eCommerce journey. With a wide variety of services to offer to people, they’ll never lack any information that you might need before venturing into a new world. Learn more on my review below.

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Before starting Ecom Elite Consulting, the founder and CEO Jason Glidden already has his roots based on an almost 15-year career in the industrial software, manufacturing automation, and wholesale distribution world. You can say that he has expertise in the world of eCommerce and automation, which is what EEC is all about. Well, they just not offer Amazon FBA or Walmart WFS, but also other kinds of services.

Finding a gap in most of the companies in the same field, they claim that they can fill that gap. They’re committed to offering an entire suite of services built on the best management staff in the industry. The company is also part of a family of companies also being handled by Jason himself. One is the Glidden Holt, who offers business tax services, and Associates and the W.C. Distribution, a U.S based distributor of manufacturer direct products from over 10,000 quality brands.

What’s new with this company is that they offer store health services. Even wondering what the service is for? In time that your store got suspended for whatever reason, their experience team will be the ones who will negotiate with Amazon/Walmart to lift the suspension in the most timely manner while working within Amazon/Walmart’s guidelines. But the main goal of this is to ensure that your store won’t get suspended in the first place.

They also offer an Amazon and Walmart store management investment program. It is a compilation of fully automated business services where your online store’s revenue growth depends on your own business goals and available inventory funding. In other words, they’ll find the best way for you to earn a profit based on what you have. Their sister company, W.C. Distribution is an Amazon certified store supply chain partner, which can help you remove the stress of finding a distributor for your own store.  

They typically offers dropshipping model to their clients, since their sister company, W.C. Distribution is a third party distributor even if it’s Amazon/Walmart-verified. Well, many of you are here because you’re wondering if it’s still okay to start an eCommerce business this late in the game. Digital entrepreneurs often worry about the profitability of their business model, and that’s what all of this is all about, is it still profitable?

As we all know, technology works as a double-edged sword for most businesses. Those who come up with better, brand new ideas that can influence the market strive and eventually be on top of the chain. On the other hand, those who can’t keep up on the fast-evolving tech industry are being left out, old ways are being disregarded and businesses end up failing to survive, which will eventually lead to shutting it down.

To answer the question “is dropshipping still profitable?”, it’s a yes for me. But given the time, effort and capital needed, it is not the best way for a person to earn fast cash. You need to be patient in the eCommerce industry. It’s not like after you opened your own store, customers will suddenly come after your products, no. You need to find a way to make it known, e.g effective advertisements, but that will also cost you a lot of money. 

As for Ecom Elite Consulting, they claim to have built excellent teams dedicated to logistics, product research, marketing, store health and more, who are working together to ensure that you see impressive store performance without unnecessary risk. They’re proud to say that they didn’t get any store suspensions under their supervision during the whole year of 2020, which is an impressive feat but still no report during the year 2021. Maybe they were also hit by the Walmart dropshipping drama.

Dropshipping is already a saturated market as we all know. Getting into this business late in the game will definitely test your patience. Statistics show that earning at least your ROI in dropshipping can take 2-3 months, so you can expect yours to be longer than that. All Ecom Elite Consulting products and services require an application to be filled out. You’ll know the price of each service once they replied to you.

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