The Ecom Experts Review

You can find a lot of different success stories on the internet. There is going to be a rag to riches type of story that will tug at people’s heartstrings. And, often times, that will lead to them becoming a motivational coach. You’ve probably seem a lot of them pop up on your social media feed. Carefully curated clips of them talking about a specific subject during a talk at one of their events. These people have managed to cultivate a persona that people seem to be into. A lot of people somehow get rich just by talking to people, as weird as it sounds.

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The Ecom Experts is a e-commerce related educational platform founded by Haroon Qureshi. Haroon, based on the story written on the Ecom Experts website, struggled a bit at school. His teachers told him that he should transfer to a special education needs class because of it. This, unsurprisingly, broke Haroon’s confidence in himself. Because of that, he created a persona that would adapt based on the people he interacted with in order to fit in.

Eventually, he went on to work at a 9 to 5 job as a debt collector. A lot of people know the struggle of working a job like that. Haroon thought that maybe the environment he was in would be different to when he was studying. That was not the case. Haroon pretty much loathed the job he was doing and the people he was working with. Like a lot of success stories you’d find out there, there was something that made Haroon want to quit his job and start his own business.

He then started an e-commerce business selling Vitamin C supplement. It honestly kind of feels like a multi-level marketing scheme of sorts. Why would you want to bu what is pretty much a commonly available nutritional supplement from some random guy? There’s always the pharmacy. This venture of his didn’t work as well as his hopped. And that’s mainly because he wasn’t really equipped with the right skillset for it.

Haroon then decided to spend a lot of his money going to different mentoring seminars to build up his confidence and his skillset. He went on to have some amount of success from the knowledge that he now possessed. Haroon apparently generated more than £1,000,000 within just a year. Eventually, he became the same guy that other people would pay money to hear them talk for hours. A pretty standard pipeline for a lot of motivational coach types. That’s where The Ecom Experts come into play.

The Ecom Experts basically offers a training program that’s meant to help people jumpstart a business ideas of theirs using the knowledge that Haroon applies to his business ventures, whatever they may be. The training program costs £2997 for a 30-day face-to-face event and each week of that event goes through all the steps that you need to achieve your own level of success. It’s definitely a lot of money just to learn the basics of building a business. Starting your own e-commerce money takes a lot of time, money and effort to make it work.

The website for The Ecom Experts looks decent enough. It pretty much exists to sell the product. There are blog posts and videos created by Haroon. It also includes some testimonials from people who have taken the course. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the content has been updated in a while. Haroon does still promote some training program on his Facebook account. But you don’t really get any information about it until you comment on one of the posts and he sends you a message about it. There’s also apparently a free online workshop that’s within the Ecom Experts website but you to go to Haroon’s page in order to go that page.

I don’t think that the program that Ecom Experts is selling you is worth it. While they do provide some form of testimonials on the website, albeit a bit outdated by a few months, I would’ve liked if they had links to those businesses’ websites. I mean, if you’re saying that the 30-day course will help you build a successful business, you might as well show it, right? Screenshots of a line graph showing upwards change doesn’t really cut it anymore.

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