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Ecom Family Academy Review

There are so many ways for you to earn money through e-commerce. Some recommend dropshipping while others recommend that you use fulfillment services provided by a platform like Amazon.

You can start selling any kind of product in your digital storefront and there’s likely to be people who want to buy the products you sell.

As long as you’re interested in the niche that you’re selling in, you can find some level of success in it. But sometimes you just want to learn how to start an e-commerce business before you fully commit to it.

Luckily there are training programs that will help you do just that, ecom family academy is one of them.

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The Ecom Family is just one of many personalities who found success through e-commerce. The people who run the Ecom Family business are in fact an actual family but their last names aren’t Ecom. It would be a weird coincidence if they did.

The Ecom Family brand was found by Reginald and Tania Jennings, better known as Mr. & Mrs. Ecom. They really commit into the whole Ecom Family and I’ve got to give them props for that. Branding is such a big deal for a lot of business. Once you have a recognizable brand, there is some trust built into it.

Compared to some of the e-commerce personalities that I have reviewed, Reginald and Tania don’t really have much of an online presence outside of Facebook and Instagram. And I get it. They’re regular ol’ people whose friends and loved ones are mostly on those platforms. Everybody knows how to navigate Facebook and Instagram at this point so there’s much of a barrier of entry into that kind of platform. If that’s where they’re most comfortable in posting, then good for them.

The Ecom Family Academy is the obvious next step in the journey of an e-commerce personality. Everybody with a modest following on different platforms have at one point created a training program based on their area of expertise.

Some of them are a lot more focused, especially those about dropshipping, while others are a bit more broad in their approach. In the case of the Ecom Family Academy, it’s in the latter.

The thing that I have noticed with certain e-commerce training programs is that they mainly start with a scheduled live webinar. In some of the earlier reviews I have written about previous programs, you mainly get access to a website that hosts the video lessons for the program. With that, you can watch on your own time without to keep track of a livestream that’s going to happen in a few days. The payment for those training programs were pretty upfront.

In the case of the Ecom Family Academy, you have to sign up for a slot for an upcoming webinar. They will e-mail when the webinar is about to start. Once you go through the webinar, I’m assuming that the pitch for the actual training and/or mentorship program will happen after that. That’s when you will actually pay money for it. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this review, the next webinar is scheduled five days from now.

Judging from the testimonials from the people who been part of the training program, it seems to have worked out for them. Granted, those videos were recorded at a time where they were doing well. They don’t even mention the business that they run so it’s hard to check what products they sell. But it seems that Reginald posts some testimonials on their socials from time to time. Sometimes he also posts videos of them doing product research in local stores.

The good about the Ecom Family Academy is that they would sometimes do small meet ups from time to time with people who have joined their program. Granted, you have to live in the United States to meet up with them. But a few of the testimonials mention that you can schedule one-on-one mentoring with Reginald and he can provide feedback on whatever your query may be. Is the product you’re selling a good idea. What do I need to do if sales were low this month.

I guess that’s the best thing about the services that Ecom Family Academy provides. It’s easy to get advice from people like Reginald. But the thing that I often mention is that you have to put in the work to make sure your business succeeds. No matter how hard it is, you are the only one that can push your business to success.

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