EcomHub Review (David Zaleski)

David Zaleski

EcomHub’s David Zaleski is oddly MIA on his YouTube channel for quite a while. Which is odd because he mentioned uploading videos “a little bit more frequently” in his latest one (that’s dated way back 2021 BTW), then just stopped posting altogether. What gives? To be honest with y’all, I don’t know the real scoop either. What I know is he’s alive, he’s flexing his Tessie on the ‘Gram, and he’s inviting everyone to join his EcomHub program.

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As odd as David’s YouTube hiatus, I also want to backtrack on one of my statements above. To clarify, me not knowing the real scoop doesn’t mean I completely have zero clue of what’s going on with David behind the scenes. Afterall, I should know something since I’m writing a review about him and his Amazon FBA program. Even you, yes you reading this right now, can know these facts if you care enough to read ‘em receipts on the internet. See: EcomHub’s BBB page.

My point is I can’t say for certain that the way I connect the dots is all true and correct. So, really, I’m just being completely honest with y’all that I’m no Sherlock. Regardless, I’m quite confident to say that the way I relate the facts to his YouTube hiatus (his social media disappearance rather) makes a lotta sense. Enough of ‘em disclaimer, let’s continue with my well-informed guess, shall we?

I gotta ask you something first. Was I able to pique your interest earlier that you’ve visited EcomHub’s BBB page to check it out yourself? If yes, I’ll give a virtual high-five for y’all curious and snitching souls. If not, I’ll give yet another virtual high-five, but now for y’all clingy mofos who don’t want to leave my site and trust me to cover y’all with deets anyway (damn right). Seriously, I see and appreciate you both. Now, onto my observations.

They got a loooot of good reviews on BBB. And well, it’s not the flex you think it is since most of them are just generic ahh reviews. Something I’ll only write myself if I was held at gunpoint. Bit extreme, I know, but you get the point. The reviews are either incentivized to a fault (when supposed-to-be honest reviews become insincere shilling), forced to (part of EcomHub’s training, I guess???), or just fake (fabricated by you know who).

I say this because it doesn’t make sense for  them to have absurdly high ratings when they also got twelve very serious complaints on the same site. Twelve mothaf*ckin’ complaints in just a span of three years! If you can’t decipher my tone, the said complaints are far too many especially for a positively reviewed program. And guess what, I don’t think EcomHub is deserving of those positive reviews.

In fact, they’re really goddamn problematic. They got all kinds of sh*ttiness. Sh*tty training and DFY service, sh*tty recommendations (David only cares about his affiliate commission plus your course money, and not your success), and sh*tty attitude (insults spree for thee). To add, the program is also notorious for extreme (and obviously unfair) censorship, misleading guarantees and refund policies, and fraudulent charges.

EcomHub Review

Speaking of charges, the normal price for EcomHub’s DFY service starts at $4,997. Cheaper than the usual DFY offer, that’s fosho. Given its sh*ttiness, the actual value might only be a hundred or two, though. Then, there’s the complaint that mentions how he’s mistakenly charged five times more ($20k!) for the same sorry service. Twenty freakin’ K, that’s like almost half the price of Elon Musk’s popular four wheeler… wait, did David buy a Tessie himself recently? Interesting….

Obviously, I won’t recommend signing up for any of EcomHub’s programs. Save yourself from the headache and don’t reward David’s scumminess with your course money. He’s up to no good at all just like his business partner Tom Wang. That being said, how is all of this related to his hiatus, then?

My bet here is that he’s taking a break because he and his program is just obviously sh*tty now. Unlike his private community where he can roleplay as Kim Jong-un, he can’t easily censor the heat in his public accounts. Probably going li-lo in hopes of this issue “blowing over” and us forgetting his sh*t. Too bad, you and I won’t forget. And you know what, his hiding from public scrutiny ass still has the audacity to somehow put a facade by always replying  to totally-not-fake generic reviews. Who are we fooling now?

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