Ecom Capital Review (Ecommerce Accelerator)

ECommerce Accelerator

Ecom Capital is an eCommerce program by Sasha Karabut and Fletcher Ladd. In their core offer titled Ecommerce Accelerator, they promise a $10k a month income from an ecom store within three months or less. One of their students said, “since joining Ecom Capital, our first month, we doubled our business; second month, we tripled it; and on the third month, we 5X it.” Makes sense? Of course not, same with the $10k a month figure. Onto the review!

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Before I rant about their confusing and (spoiler alert) low-effort ads and testimonials, among many other things, let’s talk about Ecom Capital’s offer first. From their site, they mentioned that they focus on three simple things. First, they help newbies to build and launch an eCommerce store that earns $10k monthly (doubling down on the too-good-to-be-true figure, eh?). Second, they help existing eCommerce biz owners grow their brand even further. Third, they help investors invest on eCommerce assets. They call these three their start, grow, and invest offer, respectively.

Let’s put the spotlight on Ecom Capital’s Ecommerce Accelerator. Understanding their core offer is the only thing you need to know about Ecom Capital, IMHO. Simply put, Ecommerce Accelerator is a done with you (DWY) program that promises to build your very own eCommerce store that “sells like crazy.” From the free “training,” it is noted that they’ll guide you in picking your products and suppliers. They’ll also create your store’s website along with its branding packages, theme, social media packs, and all product sales material. And aside from doing all the heavy lifting in setting up the store, they’ll also share tools and apps that’ll allow you to automate your brand as you grow.

True to its DWY claim, they’ll also include a six-week training program where you’ll learn the secret sauce on having the best eCommerce store. That, and weekly live coaching via Zoom calls. What you’ll do with your eCommerce store depends on you. You can manage it for the long term for monthly income or grow it big enough so you can sell it to an investor for the grand exit. That’s what the free “training” suggests, anyway.

The price of Ecom Accelerator? As usual, it’s listed nowhere and behind a “breakthrough” call with one of Ecom Capital’s salespersons. I did my research, you’re welcome BTW, so you don’t need to pick up the phone. Turns out, Ecom Accelerator costs around $3,900-$15,000. Pricey, but expected from a program that’ll build an eCommerce store from the ground up. The issue here is the building part as there are reports of Ecom Capital taking too long to create a rather sh*tty store.

You heard it right, a program promising a steady income of $10k a month within 3 months can’t even deliver a store of any kind until 4 months. And when they did, it’s f*cking atrocious and barely a passable eCommerce store. Specifically, they’re full of errors like typos and wrong contact info… horrible just like their ads and testimonials posted on their YouTube channel. About that….

Ecom Capital Review

Their ads and testimonials are the reason why I’m not surprised with their sh*tty output. The typos within ads, recycling old testimonials, and the uninspired (and usually incomplete) description of their videos just screams incompetence right off the bat. The video testimonials, aside from Jeff Baldwin’s review, looks so fake and staged. In fact, a “client” named Dustin Brooks, the same guy that’s usually mentioned on the program’s site, is not looking at the camera at all in one of the videos. It’s just so obvious that he’s reading off a script. You can feel that he’s just bullsh*tting, guy who claims to have a $70k sales within three months seems to not even know where he’s from. Can’t even hire a decent actor, damn.

Thinking about their 45-day refund policy saving your ass from this purchase? Well, think again and don’t get fooled by their “100% risk-free” promise. Not only does the policy is the definition of an “all questions asked,” they’ll also stall the refund talks past 45 days, so you won’t qualify getting any of your money back.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend Ecom Accelerator or any programs by Ecom Capital at all. No saving grace for this program, really. I mean, even their training is something you can found online for free. Don’t trust these Aussies, even your contact information is not safe with them. Just incompetence across the boards and the perfect model for something that overpromise and under deliver.

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