Ecom Stride Academy Review

Whenever I watch videos online, I would sometimes get to a certain section of YouTube that I normally don’t go to. If you let auto-play do its thing, you will wander off to different parts of the platform just from that one video you initially posted. The internet can be random sometimes. This time around I managed to get into the e-commerce side of YouTube. There are a lot of people trying to get your attention. If you’re someone who is interested in learning e-commerce, you have probably seen a lot of them pitching you to the thing that made them marginally successful.

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Leon Green earned some amount of success from dropshipping. There isn’t any other information about Leon that’s available anywhere. But sometimes it doesn’t really matter if we don’t know every aspect of somebody’s life. A bunch of people who make content about e-commerce online will sometimes have a backstory that leads into their success. It’s all well and good. But it only makes them more sympathetic and will get people to be interested in the product they’re probably selling. I mean, if you found success in something like dropshipping, maybe others will too?

Dropshipping is basically a way of selling products online. In a normal e-commerce business, you or your employees are in charge of keeping track of the products you sell and how much of those products are in your stock. You would often buy a certain number of those items, if you’re not the one making the product, and keep them in your stock room. The thing about it is that it’s very hard sometimes to sell products. You will do everything it takes just to get a product out of your stock room even if you don’t get much money out of it. Because it costs more to keep those products there than getting them sold.

With dropshipping, you basically don’t have to worry that much about keeping inventory. Dropshipping kind of varies. Usually, when somebody buys a product from your website, you would handle the packing and delivery of that product to your customers. With dropshipping, a separate entity, the one who actually has the product, will be the ones to handle the packing and delivery for you. A customer buys a product from your store. You buy the product from a wholesaler or other retailer. They will then pack and deliver that product to your customer. Usually, the amount that you pay the wholesaler is less than the list price of that same item on your website. The difference those two prices is basically your profit.

Leon basically decided to use his knowledge and experience in dropshipping to teach other people how to do it like he does it. That’s where Ecom Stride Academy comes in. When I first looked at the website, it didn’t really give me that much confident in the product that Leon is selling you. I mean, the website works. But it definitely could’ve had a better layout than what it does have right now. A lot of the websites that offer a course on dropshipping will often show you screenshots of charts from the seller platform that they use. (Usually it’s Amazon or Shopify.)

Depending on when you go to the Ecom Stride Academy website, the price for his mentoring services will differ. The initial price for it is $599. But it will sometimes drop to $50. If you reach the point that the price is still $50, it might be a good idea to test it out? What you seem to be getting is access to a Facebook group where Leon posts regularly. I guess that’s a cheaper alternative to logging in to a new account on some website. At least you’ll already have easier access to a Facebook group.

Starting any kind of business takes a lot of time, effort and money. It’s possible that you may be able to earn money with the information that Leon is going to provide. But your continued success depends highly on how much effort you’re going to give to that venture. A lot of these kinds of courses and programs will have that kind of disclaimer. Because success in it, especially with a business, is not guaranteed.

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