Ecom Success Academy Review (Adrian Morrison)

There have been a lot of e-commerce gurus on the internet who have created an online training platform based on the niche that they have experience in. It seems that having a venture like that is just a natural step for an e-commerce guru. The process usually goes like this: Find some relative amount of success in a certain niche > Make content about how you achieved that success > Expand and monetize that expertise into an online training program. There’s just a lot of different ways of getting success in the world of e-commerce and people like Adrian Morrison have the “thing” that you may be looking for.

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Adrian Morrison seems like your average scruffy white dude. If you look at him, you might assume that he renovates old houses with his twin brother or something. There are a lot of industries where that kind of look seems to be abundant in. The world of commerce seems like the most obvious one. I mentioned the word brother in one of the sentences for a good reason. He is the young brother of Anthony Morrison, another e-commerce guru. Both of them seem to have decide to get into e-commerce. Partly because his family lost a lost of money after his dad’s stocks in a certain company plummeted.

Both of them went on very similar paths to success. They both started in online marketing, which is often a gateway to earning money online, but it seems that Adrian got more into e-commerce as time went on. But he got back to online marketing. He has launched three different companies that revolve around online marketing and e-commerce. Those ventures for Adrian bloomed into training programs and software to help people find their own success in whatever of the two fields they decide to go on. Which is where Ecom Success Academy comes to play.

It doesn’t seem like Ecom Success Academy is being actively promoted by Adrian Morrison. The online training program was launched in 2017 and it mostly talks about the business of dropshipping. This training program is one of the few that has been given a seal of approval from Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there. The program basically goes through all you need to know about starting your own online storefront that uses the dropshipping method.

You may be wondering what the heck dropshipping is. A lot of people who have only started to learn about e-commerce may be aware of this term. But if not, allow me to explain. Most shops that you go to have inventory to keep track. Whenever you buy something in actual store or online, you may see a small text somewhere on the product page that says “Only x amount left in stock” or even “Sold out”. Usually that happens when there is very minimal amounts of that particular item in a shop’s inventory. When a customer buys an item from an online shop, the employees of that shop take that product from their inventory and package it. They wait for a delivery service to pick up that package and send it to you. Pretty standard stuff.

When an online business employs the dropshipping method, they basically don’t have to worry about having any inventory. When somebody purchases a product from an online shop, the owners will basically buy that product through a wholesaler. Usually, the wholesaler will also handle the packaging and shipping for that product. The shop owner will basically pay the wholesaler whatever amount they charge them for. Sometimes, the price that you pay the store is higher than how much they pay the wholesaler. The difference between those prices is the store owner’s profit from it.

The training program seems to have cost about $2,495 or three monthly payments of $997. That kind of cost is a lot for anybody who wants to learn about setting up a shop on Shopify and know how to find the right sources for dropshipping. But considering that Adrian seems to have a good working relationship with the e-commerce platform, it seems that this training program is worth the cost. The program will go through everything you need to know about setting up shop on the platform, how to source products, staying up to date with the kind of products people want.

The thing about dropshipping is that you may be relying on current trends to have products that people may want to buy. Since you don’t have to worry about unsold inventory, that might be a good trade off. Still I don’t really recommend the program initially. You can probably learn some basics on the Shopify platform or even on places like YouTube. A lot of different people that I’ve seen have attributed their success to watching tutorials on YouTube.

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