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“The biggest risk is not taking a risk. In a rapidly changing world, the only strategy guaranteed to fail is not to take risks”, says Mark Zuckerberg. It’s definitely true but there are what we call good risks. These are risks that are attractive from the perspective of a society, organization or an individual in a calculated way, and is it worth the risk taking Ecom Supremacy’s coaching program? Learn more on my review below.

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First of all, let’s look at the man behind Ecom Supremacy, Cyril Ortega. He’s an entrepreneur, digital marketer, consultant and a coach from Paris. He claimed to have mentored over 4000 students across more than 65 countries around the world, over $8 million in combined student sales, has owned multiple 7-figure ecom stores, gained over $6 million in online sales  with it and a guest speaker in multiple eCommerce events.

He’s also a winner of several 2 comma club trophies that you can only achieve if you are a certified affiliate of the ClickFunnels and gained at least $1 million in sales during that period. What a great portfolio indeed if you’ll take everything at face value. And now he’s willing to share all of his experiences and knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs through his company, Ecom Supremacy. 

Ecom Supremacy offers different coaching and mentoring programs that are personally done by the man himself, Cyril Ortega. He will teach you how to create a professional online store, which makes sales everyday and on autopilot. The beauty of having one is that you can manage it wherever you are, be it at home or on a vacation. He now offers an exclusive free training, which will help you decide whether to continue working with him or not after taking it.

As for his paid services, he offers a scaling blueprint masterclass, an ebook where you can learn how to explode your sales using his written strategies. He’s secretive about the fact that he only taught this method to a few selected students. It’s a simple step by step process, that if done correctly, you’ll have an access to scaling your store up to million dollars in sales. He claims that it values up to $6000 paid by his private students,  but you can get it now for only $497.

Next is his 1 on 1 mentorship with the man himself, and you have 2 programs to consider, whether you like the 60–day or the 90–day mentorship program. Both includes ofcourse the 1-1 mentorship with him, a customized strategy based on your needs and goals, 5/10 coaching calls (60/90days), and at the end of each call, he’ll give you tasks to accomplish to maximize your time and investment during the mentorship.

How the two are different from each other is the style of how he will teach you. During your 60 days, he will just teach you how to scale your eCommerce store to the next level. And when you apply for the 90 day mentorship, he will teach you how to literally dominate the whole “eCom game”. Such big words but it is possible if all of his achievements are legit. These are for fast action takers only since spots are only limited.

Lastly is his coaching sessions which are being recorded for you to be able to download, replay and review it during your free time afterwards. It can be a 30-minute coaching session that costs $300 or the 60-minute one that costs $500. The sessions will take place online via Zoom or Skype and it includes a pdf of his scaling blueprint. It’s better to have this rather than buying the ebook alone since you’ll have the chance to ask questions to Cyril himself. 

Since it’s his own website, all positive testimonials are posted in it. He and his team are dealing with entrepreneurs in the Shopify platform and most of his students say that Cyril helped them save so much time, money and effort through his guidance. He even opened the eyes of the newcomers who are struggling in the eCommerce industry. Is it worth the risk? You can have your answer if he’s a good fit for you and your goals after listening to what he has to say during your free call with him.

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