Ecom Uplift Review (Tan Choudhury)

Online shopping and e-commerce has seen an uptick in the past few years for a variety of reasons. A lot more people are buying the stuff that they want and need online. And businesses are trying to adapt to fit the needs of their customers. Because of that, a lot of people have been interested to learn more about the world of e-commerce. Business owners are familiar of how to advertise their business on-ground, but online advertising and even setting up an online shop is a bit of a learning curve. Plenty of people with experience with e-commerce have been putting their knowledge into another profitable venture by creating online training programs. One such person is Tan Choudhury and his venture Ecom Uplift.

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Based on a few videos on his channel, Tan is the son of two immigrant parents. Their family lived a fairly decent life. At one point, his parents decided to get a divorce. Obviously, this affected a bit of his life in school. He befriended a bunch of people who weren’t a great influence on him. He got arrested for underage drinking. He jumped from different schools. But eventually dropped out. Then he jumped from job to job. But eventually found himself in the sales world. Eventually, Tan found success in e-commerce through a thing called dropshipping.

Most of the videos on his YouTube channel is about this specific topic. A lot of them have titles like “How I Earned $100K a Month From Dropshipping” or “3 Million At 22.” If you see those kinds of titles, you would be intrigued by it. If somebody can earn that kind of money just from whatever the heck dropshipping is, maybe it’ll work for you. Even though he gets ad revenue from the hundreds of thousands of views he gets on YouTube, he decided to expand to another venture. A lot of people who found success in e-commerce seem to follow that same career path. Reach a certain level of success > Make videos on how exactly they reached that level of success > Profit from it by creating an online training program. That’s what he did with Ecom Uplift.

Ecom Uplift is basically a website that will give you enough resources to begin your journey in dropshipping. In case you haven’t heard of the term yet, allow me to explain. Dropshipping is basically a method of getting a product to a consumer. Let’s put it this way. You have an online storefront. Somebody gets interested on an item and decides to purchase it. Normally, you will receive a notification for the order. You go to your stock room and get the necessary items for that order. You pack it. You get a delivery service to pick it up and it gets delivered. It’s a fairly straightforward process. Businesses will usually keep track of the stock that they have and replenish any stock that you don’t have much of.

With dropshipping, it’s a bit different. Somebody will still purchase a product from your online store. But instead of having the stock on hand, you will actually send the order over to a wholesaler that has the item that the customer ordered. The wholesaler will be the one that will deliver the item to the customer. Here’s the catch: The price you pay the wholesaler is less than what the customer ordered. The difference between the retail price and the wholesale price is your profit. That’s basically what dropshipping entails.

When you pay Ecom Uplift the $49.99 monthly fee, what you get is basically access to a website that will teach you the basics of setting up a storefront on an e-commerce website. Aside from that, you also get weekly product suggestions and ready-to-use video ads. Which honestly doesn’t sound like a bad deal. But the thing you to remember that there’s a lot more costs required in order to start an online business.

For that price, it doesn’t seem that bad. There are probably some free resources out there, including Tan’s own YouTube that will help you have an idea of how you could make dropshipping work. I don’t highly recommend the product if you want to run a business that knows exactly what kind of product you want to sell. Sure, the products that Ecom Uplift recommends are what’s selling right now. But stuff like that will eventually becoming lame. The content that Tan and his team will probably be useful to a point. But it can only take you so far. The success of your business still relies on how much effort you’re willing to put it into.

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