Ecom Wizards Review (Sajad Ali)

Whenever I research about different personalities from the world of e-commerce, I am always amazed by the names they give to their brands. Sometimes those brands names and the logos that go with it reflect a bit of their owner’s personality. Take Jacob Levintrad for example. His brand is called Ecom Jacob. The logo for it is just a pushcart without wheels that looks like a lower case. The logotype is just an ordinary san serif font that says Ecom Jacob but in different weights and set in upper case and lower case. It’s a fairly straightforward logo that says that this business is owned by somebody name Jacob and it’s related to shopping.

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This review isn’t about Jacob Levintrad. I already did a review about him. But it does still fall under the topic of branding when it comes to somebody e-commerce business. Having a good name for your business is incredibly helpful. If the name is difficult to pronounce, not a lot people will remember it correctly. Sometimes names can be puns. That shows that you have a sense of humor. But when it comes to e-commerce, especially those who have built their entire careers on it, a name will go a long way.

Ecom Wizards is the company that was founded by Sajad Ali. The main thing that Sajid and the Ecom Wizards brand provides is a course on Amazon FBA. If you look at the logo for Ecom Wizards, you would likely feel like it’s a logo for a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And you would probably be right about that. It’s an italic version of the font used for the Iron Man movies. When you think of wizard, you may think of the ones from Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. You’d think that when you use the word “wizard,” you would see a want of sorts in the logo for it. (Another wizard-based e-commerce brand actually did that sort of thing.)

When I went through the website for Sajad’s business, there isn’t really much there. It’s mainly just a very long webpage. There isn’t really any mention of other e-commerce strategies or methods. It definitely feels that they just mainly changed the logo from Amazon Wizard to Ecom Wizards and left it at that. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing so. But they definitely should’ve just stuck with the old branding.

The weird thing about it is that it seems like Sajad doesn’t do much stuff with e-commerce nowadays. When you click on the Apply button at the top, you will be redirected a scheduling page but it says that the URL that was use was no longer valid. So it seems like Sajad at some point quit doing a course on Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service and shifted to different. When you click on the YouTube logo at the top, you get redirected to his YouTube channel where now talks about cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Since it doesn’t seem like e-commerce on Amazon is the thing that Sajad is focusing on, there’s not much of a point in reviewing the course. The course goes through the basics of starting a seller’s profile on Amazon and using their fulfillment service where you outsource the shipping of your products to Amazon. It sort functions in the same as dropshipping does. But since Amazon has such a logistics service, it makes sense to utilize their infrastructure to make it easier to deliver your products. You’re still paying Amazon either way. So letting them handle the delivery and returns for your products.

I should have expected that some people may not be that committed into e-commerce than orders do. E-commerce takes a lot of work even though are certain methods like dropshipping or Amazon’s fulfillment service that eases some of the burdens. But you’re still running a business. You have been on top of that in every step of the way. And I don’t think a lot of people are willing to put in the time and effort to making sure that your business is running smoothly. Sometimes they will hear that somebody earn thousands of dollars through a certain method in e-commerce. They get excited about it. But once they don’t get immediate results, they bounce.

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