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The Email Edge Review (Anik Singal ft. Robert Kiyosaki)

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Anik Singal was one of the people who is inspired by Robert Kiyosaki and his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He believes that most people should have a mindset like that of the Rich Dad, working and earning money to build assets that can help them earn money, instead of living from paycheck to paycheck and spending many of it on liabilities. This can be considered as one of his inspirations for creating The Email Edge, an online training course about email marketing. Let’s check out this review to see what The Email Edge is all about.

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Why email marketing, you may ask? It’s true that social media marketing and influencer marketing are the methods that are more commonplace today when it comes to online marketing. But let’s not count email marketing out just yet. It may be an older method, but it’s definitely not obsolete yet. It has the advantage of being more targeted than the others (including social media marketing), so its conversion rate can be considered a little higher. In fact, some analytics point out that email marketing may be more profitable in the long run than SEO, keyword ads, mobile marketing, and banner ads, depending on the leads you may collect.

As for demand, it’s also never a problem if you’re looking for clients that’ll hire you for your email marketing knowledge. Plenty of business owners, especially local small businesses, know very well the importance of marketing to promote their business. Unfortunately, they either don’t know how to do it properly, or simply don’t have the time for it. Thus, they simply hire other marketing experts to do it for them, and this is where your email marketing skillset gives you the opportunity, as well as the advantage.

Depending on the type of business, they’re willing to pay big money for marketing, especially when it’s really good. Since they know, a good marketing campaign will convert into a good amount of sales, and this means plenty of profits for the business. Thus, you can potentially some thousands of dollars by learning email marketing. Best of all, you don’t even need an office space, employees, inventory, or really any software or tools to make money with this.

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Due to the numerous advantages of learning email marketing, Anik Singal teamed up with a known name in the entrepreneur industry, Robert Kiyosaki himself, to create The Email Edge program. This program consists of a book and an online course that is called the Email Startup Incubator. The Email Startup Incubator consists of a total of 8 modules, all arranged in a step-by-step manner so you won’t be immediately overwhelmed by the lessons. It’s also newbie-friendly, and the training allows you to go at your own pace, again adding to the fact that this won’t overwhelm you.

Aside from the training modules, the Email Startup Incubator also contains a few “bonuses” that are included free in the program. First, you’ll be able to download Anik’s various ad copies that he use for his email marketing, which amounts to 17,500 copies. You only need to tweak these, like edit your name, your affiliate link, etc., in order for it to be usable for your own purposes. Second, you’ll be able to watch video case studies showcasing Anik’s email campaigns responsible for millions of dollars in sales for his end. Third, you’ll get access to a proprietary cloud-based software solution that allows you to create opt-in pages, manage emails, send out email follow-ups, and track everything from clicks to commissions made. Finally, you’ll receive a bonus online course: The Traffic Academy, an online course that teaches you how to leverage both free and paid traffic.

The price? The Email Edge costs a one-time payment of $997, or you can do three payments of $397 per month, for 3 months. But would I recommend it? Honestly, I don’t think I can. Just because Anik is personally endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki himself doesn’t mean he’s an actual online marketing expert. Yes, he may not be a scammer at all, but I don’t think that you can learn anything disrupting from his email marketing course. After all, he does have other online courses offered (some of them even discuss overlapping topics) that you don’t really which of them is his specialty. For me, he’s much like Dan Lok. He’s just simply a very good marketer and a salesman, but doesn’t really have the technical expertise needed to give their courses a very high quality.

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