Ed JC Smith Review

Ed shared a story in one of his podcasts. “I was coached back to life by someone else, so I made it my mission to get other people back on their own 2 feet. I was given a second chance in life, and that chance I will not put into waste.” Now, he’s one of the few coaches that has earned success and wealth. Fame is on its way, and we don’t know how long he will keep on going. Let’s get to know Ed JC Smith better in my review below.

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He has a tragic but at the same time an inspiring story. He’s a failure at school, a non-achiever, with his dad who’s the complete opposite of him. One time that he got into an argument with his pops, he ran out of the house and suddenly found himself in front of a railway. Things don’t go well in his way, prepared to jump in front of a high-speed train and a man clasp him in his shoulders, a close call. 

This is what he calls a second chance in life. He believed that life is just composed of moments and a single moment can change the entire path of your life. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s not just moments, decision is also crucial in these types of situations. Yes, someone saved you, but if you decided not to continue with your life, then nothing will change, right? 

To make his life mission a reality, he first started working as a cleaner in a gym, after he became passionate about health and training. I think it’s a little weird if someone just walks up and talks to you asking if you have something concerning health and stuff, but that’s how Ed did it. He had gym customers seeking advice for having bad backs. And some seek ways to lose weight in the gym, help with depression, lovelife, etc etc. He’s more of a life and training coach than a cleaner.

Ed has improved all over the years of coaching people. He even developed a book called “Coaching Business Secrets” where you can learn a step-by-step process to growing your business online and getting clients fast. The headline of this book in his personal website is “How to Earn $1500 + Coaching Clients every week in your spare time without daily posting, social media followers, or needing an existing program to sell”, so basically, he will teach you how to make social media ads

He believes that there are 3 major problems that are holding back a business. Your offer and messaging doesn’t reach people who really need your services, the sales process is broken and your delivery is taking too much time, leading to slow inconsistent client results. You can do better or so by automating the lead flow and focusing down on the sales process is what they promise in their book.

That automation is what will lead you to his method, Clients on Automation, which is a step by step training program which is easy to digest and gives you the quickest way to grow your business. It’s not truly a course, rather it is a plug and play system that will give you full access to program materials, training support, downloadable funnels and plug, running ads, live webinars and many more.

He’s always flaunting over the fact that he’s once a failure, having 3 E’s at school. Another way of saying that “if I can do it, then so can you” kind of BS. Then he continues with “the only difference between me and you is that I simplified the approach”. Well, hello there Mr. Genius. It’s more like he’s telling you that you’re no better than a person who got 3 E’s at school. A little bit condescending, ain’t it? 

A striving business life without having to waste too much time on social media, and make use of those precious times with your loved ones apparently is what Ed and his system has to offer but it appears that not all are a good fit. “Get high paying clients or you don’t pay. 100% guaranteed” is the first thing you will see when you open their website. There’s still the uncertainty that the system will not work for everyone but still guarantees 100% return of ROI, some reverse psychology sh*t is working behind the process.

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