EF Ultimate Break Reviews

EF Ultimate Break

EF Ultimate Break, known as EF College Break before, is a travel company that caters to the young adult population. They claim to be the easiest way to (group) travel for anyone 18 to 29 years old. They can take you literally anywhere –  from a grand tour of Europe to a trip to the highlights of Australia – just jump in and they’ll take care of the rest at a price. Is it worth your bucks, then? We’ll find out in the review below.

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To clarify, there’s no need to be a college student yourself, as their former name suggests, to avail their service. What you need is to accept that you’ll never travel alone once you let ‘em arrange your trip. You can sign up solo for as long as you want, but you’ll still be placed in a group. Y’know, you gotta jive in with a whole bunch of people you just met on the said trip. Aside from making the trip much more affordable, EF Ultimate Break also claims that group travel is more fun and makes way for some friendships that last a lifetime. Could be a travel buddy in the near future, who knows.

Accommodations and flights with airport transfer are prepared by EF Ultimate Break for their client as expected. Especially the accommodations, no one wants to wine and dine (and yes, free breakfast every morning will be provided along with free welcome and farewell dinner) during the day but without a roof over the head for the night. Having to pay the premium to embark on a trip to a foreign country just to experience homelessness in the end isn’t quite right. 

Moving on, EF Ultimate Break will also provide expert tour directors and consultants to guide you throughout your vacay. As written on their site, these experts have heard it all, seen it all, and solved it all. Need some advice regarding what’s the best trip for you? Ask their consultants out, they usually have answers for every question that pops off before the trip. How about the best bar to down a glass or two while on the trip? Your tour director, being the local travel guru, knows twelve of those plus a random fun fact about the place to keep you entertained as well.

The rest of the inclusions are as follows: free city transfers, free metro passes, planned visit to iconic attractions, city walk, guided sightseeing, expertly crafted itineraries, and 24/7 trip support. The price of EF Ultimate Break really depends on the destination, but let me explain first their payment plans (except the one done by a third party company) that are shared on all their trips below.

EF Ultimate Break Reviews

First, their recommended option is to pay $22 down, or at least $750 if you book your trip less than 100 days before departure, and the rest will be charged one or two times a month automatically on your bank account. The other option allows paying at your own pace – put $450 as down payment plus $50 service charge, and then pay the remaining balance 99 days before your trip. Last but not the least is paying in full. The average price of EF Ultimate Break is around $2,500 to $15,000. 

My thoughts on this? Well, they’re the classic company that’s “decent enough” until the pandemic hits.  Now, I won’t personally recommend EF Ultimate Break Reviews myself. And that’s because saying that they handle the cancellation of trips poorly during the pandemic would be an understatement. They’re down bad and it f*cking shows on the reviews. On Reseller Ratings dot com alone, they got an average of 1.64 out of 5 stars on 249 reviews. That’s just “turrible” and obviously not worth any of your bucks.

What happened seems to be a company showing its true colors once and for all. And it’s not about providing sh*tty trips. The problem, and it’s a big one, is their scummy payment scheme. The most notable one is how they abuse TF out of their cancellation policy. Since the pandemic, they usually don’t cancel your trip right away and only postpone it. And they do the latter not once, not twice, but multiple times. They do it because every time they have to rebook your trip means they can charge unfair hefty charges on ya and get away with not issuing refunds. Them being an extortionist as a travel agency makes this an easy NO for me.

I wouldn’t recommend joining their Brand Ambassador program as a way to get “free” travel either. Are you willing to shill EF Ultimate Break after all the outcries as of late? I hope you’re not down like I do. I wouldn’t count on them keeping the end of their bargain, anyway.

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