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The Elevation Group Review (Brian Fouts)

Brian Fouts

Brian Fouts, CEO and co-founder of The Elevation Group, claims that failure is not possible when you leverage their wealth-building network. “I will show you how to make lots of money… if you follow along exactly as I advise you,” Brian continues. Going from zero cash to lots of them in a short period of time with 100% success… Is this for real, Brian? My BS alarm is already ringing LOUD. Continue reading below to know more.

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No, I’m not exaggerating the bottomline of Brian’s claims. It’s all on him, he’s like a parrot repeating the same sh*t over and over. Become wealthy in the shortest amount of time possible… Rise to the position of a wealthy entrepreneur guaranteed… Wealth formula is so easy to follow, there’s really no way you can fail. Blah blah blah. It’s just too good to be true.

Anyway, let’s go along with it and review how he and his company will supposedly build your wealth. In their site, it is explained that the core of their flagship program, The Black Box Billionaire, is called The 5 Pillars of Wealth. This is what I mentioned earlier as their easy-to-follow wealth formula.

The first pillar is called Resource Extraction. As the name implies, you’ll learn how to be resourceful here. The advice starts with simply restructuring your budget to save some pennies. However, it can go from simple to complicated like taking a big leap and becoming a real estate investor.

Next pillar is called War Chest Creation. Essentially, you’re building more money here on top of your income from pillar one. They also call it Elevation Banking. Whatever the label is, it’s just making investments on what The Elevation Group recommends and hoping for the best. It’s either you invest in gold and silver, in art, in money market and crypto accounts, or in tax liens.

Meanwhile, the third pillar is named Building a Fortress. Instead of protecting allies from hordes of warring enemies, the fortress in this pillar is all about asset protection. And oh, getting away with the least amount of taxes too by creating an LLC and family trust.

Fourth pillar is called Rallying the Troops. Similar to the third pillar, it’s just creating passive income streams through investment. Recommendations here include investing in options trading, oil and gas, and lending.

Finally, the fifth pillar is called Leaving your Legacy. Here, they’ll show how you prepare your children to become entrepreneurs as well. Building wealth doesn’t stop on you and instead, it should extend to future generations as well. Essentially, no broke b*tches in the fam… guaranteed! Heh.

You’ll get all of that knowledge via video training, live monthly expert calls, monthly Q and A, coaching, and support from a community group. All for a payment of $2,497 every year.

As expected, I’ll say “hell nah” to this offer. Too expensive, IMO. Make it a one time payment and voila… it’s still expensive af. The audacity of Brian to talk about how their program is for anyone regardless of their current financial situation, or how much bread they’re currently making. Basically, luring those people who are barely getting by. The price of his program says otherwise. Like hello, you can’t just conjure a couple of thousand dollars out of thin air.

The Elevation Group Review

I can’t also get behind any program that tries too damn hard to fit several business models and investments into one. Not them doing something along the lines of “throw them (strategies) against the wall and see if it sticks.”

To be fair, The Elevation Group has other offers aside from The Black Box Billionaire that makes real estate investments, Elevation Banking, and crypto investment into separate programs of their own. Personally, the price of the other offers alone makes it not worth it to buy too.

Ultimately, I won’t recommend a pricey program that is riddled with absurd claims. It’s so much better to stay away from any programs like the ones offered by The Elevation Group that keep reiterating promises that sound like a get rich quick scheme. Besides, their suggestions to make money such as real estate, tax liens investment, and options trading is also something I don’t recommend.

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