Elite Affiliate Pro Review (Igor Kheifets)

Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets has no brakes in flexing his eyebrow-raising achievement in an Elite Affiliate Pro ad that’s essentially a recorded mini-webinar. The said achievement? According to him, it is the time when he earned $21,779.45 worth of commissions in just a single day. All thanks to an ugly one-page bridge site that you can also use to get similar results… And then everyone clapped.

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Personally, I’ll take whatever Igor is smoking in the ad. I would love to have that kind of audacity to blurt out some fantasy-level type of sh*t. It’s not only about the $22k commission. In fact, I can give him the benefit of the doubt there, and begrudgingly accept that the figure is legit. No freaking way I’ll agree to the ridiculous claim that follows, though. Like dude, no way any normal person can easily replicate the $22k feat by buying his course. 

Dude is desperate to sell his course, and it shows. The life of hustlin’ hard, I guess. He won’t be the third highest-earning super-affiliate for doing nothing. And speaking of super-affiliate, he also has experience working with John Crestani that has an affiliate program with a similar name (Super Affiliate System, SAS for short).

The John Crestani experience of Igor is actually noticeable on his own program. Like how both have the same number of modules. Six modules, to be exact. Not necessarily the same in actual content, though. 

For Igor, the modules that are named according to their main topic are as follows: 6-Step Super-Affiliate Checklist, $100,000 Affiliate Campaign case study, 7 Copy-Paste Affiliate Campaigns, $500,000 One-Page Affiliate Site Template, 100 Affiliate Email Swipes, and Instant Traffic Shortcut.

He also has bonus materials like John did in SAS. Informative courses are included on top of the main modules such as High-Paying Affiliate Offers Rolodex, CPA Networks Rolodex, Affiliate Campaign In A Box, and 301k Challenge: 0 to 1,000 in Affiliate Marketing in 30 Days. You’ll also get access to six months of coaching, email templates, affiliate campaign critique coupon, DFY funnel, private pay-per-lead affiliate program, and partnership with Igor himself.

I’m just writing these goddamn bonuses, but I still  feel exhausted just by listing all of them. You could argue something along the lines of “the more, the merrier.” What I’ll say in return is “quality over quantity.” I don’t mind the informative courses as bonus materials, but the access to coaching and the likes should’ve been listed under the main offer.

Unsurprisingly, Igor’s program has the same exact price as John’s SAS too. The six modules plus the bonuses cost a one time payment of $997. And oh, they also have a similar problematic refund policy.

In Igor’s case, it’s the annoying “all questions asked” refund policy. 30-day money back guarantee just by saying you don’t want it anymore, my ass. I’ve seen complaints and an Elite Affiliate Pro page that say otherwise. In reality, you need to complete a lengthy checklist based on the 6-Step Super-Affiliate Checklist, one of the program’s modules.

Another thing to note regarding payment is the presence of upsells. No subtlety here, whatsoever. They’re straight up included in the checkout page of the main offer. It’s not ticked by default, but I still don’t approve of it. If you’re curious, the said upsells are titled Guide to Affiliate Storytelling and 60-second Lead Pages that are priced $97 and $148, respectively.

Elite Affiliate Pro Review

If it isn’t still obvious to you, I’ll shoot straight and say that I don’t recommend Igor’s Elite Affiliate Pro. I don’t think it’s a scam despite Igor’s past issues on his solo ads service on Warrior Forum. Regardless, it’s not worth a grand for me.

To recap, the bad things I noticed (and already mentioned earlier) in the program that made me turn away from it are the following: too good to be true claims, not-so-affordable pricing, terrible refund policy, and the presence of upsells.

To add to this, I don’t think Elite Affiliate Pro is nothing more than a basic overview on Affiliate marketing. It may look in-depth with all the bonuses included, but it’s really not. The bonuses are just there, I think, as a smokescreen to hide the bare-bones content. The program is heavy on paid ads too which automatically makes it not beginner-friendly. Lastly, there’s no indication of a support and/or community group. Like c’mon, isn’t that a necessary inclusion nowadays?

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