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Amazon automation has become kind of a buzzword as of late. There have been a lot of different companies that provide these kinds of services to people who want to have another income stream without having to work much on it. Usually, that kind of income stream is referred to as passive income. Because e-commerce has seen a bit of an uptick due to different factors, especially in the convenience that it providers to consumers, a lot of people want to get in on that kind revenue stream but they don’t have the knowledge of how to do exactly that.

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Elite Automation is just one of many companies out there that provide automation services for people who want to have passive income opportunity. The company was co-founded by e-commerce experts Katie Melissa Ryan and Nick James. There isn’t really that much information on Nick James. But Katie Melissa Ryan, or simply Katie Melissa, has previously started training programs that teach people basics regarding e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify. Since then, she has expanded by providing services through Elite Automation.

Similar to a lot of other companies, Elite Automation’s whole automation business revolves around a service that Amazon provides its sellers called FBA, which is short for Fulfillment by Amazon. What that basically means is that businesses deliver the products that they sell in their store to Amazon. And when somebody buys from that store, Amazon will be the one that handles the packaging and delivery of that order. They will also be the ones who will handle the customer services and even refunds or returns of those orders.

Where does the automation come into play? Well, when you do business with a company like Elite Automation, they will basically set up and manage your store on Amazon for you. You will schedule a call with them by filling out a form that will ask you about how much you’re willing to invest with them, which range from $35,000 to $45,000. If you invest $35,000, you will split the profits from your store on Amazon in half. If you invest $45,000, you will split the profits by 70-30. Yours is the 70%.

Once you’ve settled on the terms, they will begin the process of creating a store for you. You will have access to it through the Amazon Seller Central platform where you will see all the necessary data including your profits. Once the store is set up, you don’t really have to do anything else. That’s exactly what might entice a lot of people. Earning money by doing absolutely nothing is the fucking dream.

In their website, Elite Automation mentions that they’re not a dropshipping service. In case you don’t what that is, allow me to explain. Let’s say somebody buys a product from your store. Normally, you will have to get that item from your stock and package it. Somebody from Amazon will pick up the package and deliver it to the person who bought it. Easy as that.

With dropshipping, however, it’s a different story. When somebody buys from your store, the package won’t be coming from you. It will actually be coming from wholesaler that has that item. The customer buys the item for the price listed in your store. But you will buy that product from the wholesaler at wholesale price, which is usually cheaper. The wholesaler delivers that package directly to the customer. The difference of the price that the customer paid you and the price that you paid the wholesaler is basically your profits. There are also some additional fees for selling the product on Amazon.

Elite Automation seems to differ from the rest of the other Amazon automation companies. Though they don’t really mention where exactly the products are sourced from or what kind of products they’re going to sell. They just mention that they will regularly list different products based on whatever metrics they’re using. A lot of different stores on Amazon that sell the same products would reduce their price in order for people to buy from them instead of the competitor. And it seems that those stores are also probably automated stores. Is it really automated if there are people managing the store? I always assume that when people use the word “automated,” it usually involves robots.

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