Ecom Elites Review (Franklin Hatchett)

Franklin Hatchett

Ecom Elites got someone who’s a living proof that you can take a man out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the man. Replace “streets” with affiliate marketing and that’s the course’s founder Franklin Hatchett in a nutshell. In a course about teaching you how to start your very own dropshipping store, the highlight everyone would be expecting is something about dropshipping itself. Wrong. To me at least, it’s the mullahs he got from the affiliate links in the course.

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That’s what I’m thinking after visiting his YouTube channel anyway. Sure, he has some interesting videos that serve as a sneak peek of his dropshipping expertise. But somehow, his videos showing the major bag he got from being an affiliate of this and that are more remarkable. And yes, there’s too many of ‘em affiliate links to mention and might also be too irrelevant to say given this is Ecom Elites review, so I’ll leave it just like that. You get the point.

And so Franklin is obviously not letting go of his affiliate marketing roots… His first love (no offense to his S.O., of course). It’s like the backbone of everything he does – his so-called purpose in life. Heck, I’m willing to suspend any sound judgement and say that his courses, including Ecom Elites, are made for pumping his affiliate links first, providing education second. TBH, it’s not that far fetched given the affordable price of Ecom Elites and his other courses. It’s just like an entrance fee to a convention that you don’t mind paying to see the main attraction inside – with the affiliate links as a standout aside from the actual training. Riiight.

So, what’s the big deal with this? Well, that would be the equivalent of the usual upsells within the course. An unwelcome feature, but a better variation nonetheless. Instead of additional courses, he’ll offer some affiliate links on the other side. And kudos to him or his limited capacity to talk one-on-one, it’s not that pushy like a “shove in your face” thing. It’s just a banner right beside the core training along with the occasional reminders, like a Facebook post with the link or a special mention in the training modules, to get ‘em. Still, some people (like me) would not thrilled to become part of Franklin’s affiliate farm, so I had to say it. Take that as a fair warning.

With all that out in the open and you’re still willing to test the course out, I still got you covered with the deets. For the core training, the first two modules are focused on how you can set up your very own dropshipping store from scratch. Here, Franklin claims that he’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting started. The main takeaways here are the how-tos on creating and designing a high-converting site on Shopify, and the info on product research and sourcing.

Ecom Elites Review

The rest of the modules, except the last “top secret” one, are all about driving traffic and marketing your store. To drive the point home, I’ll just list the title of all the modules I’m referring to. The said titles correspond to their main topic anyway and they are the following: Facebook Traffic, Instagram Traffic, Email Marketing Blueprint, Chatbot Profits, Building Sales Funnels, Google Ads, and Organic Google Traffic.

You’ll get the core training along with some bonus content, weekly Q and A videos, and access to a private community group if you pay the price of Ecom Elite’s Standard pack at $197. Meanwhile, paying the price of Ecom Elite’s Ultimate pack at $297 will instead net you everything from the basic package plus a DFY sales funnel, extra training on Google shopping ads, and some of Franklin’s books. The price is very fair, to say the least. 

Is the affordable price enough for me to recommend Ecom Elites, then? No, not really. And it’s not only about my personal dislike of his affiliate links within the course nor my inherent disapproval of dropshipping as a business model, I’m also not impressed with him setting aside product research as an afterthought. No amount of marketing strategy, not even the comprehensive training put out by Franklin here, can save your ass if you pick a product that just sucks, period. Improve on that regard plus refrain from posting misleading claims and questionable student results, and I think it’ll be a fair game.

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