Elite Stream TV Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

You may well be aware of the streaming wars. With Netflix being a dominant player when it comes to streaming, it’s no wonder that a lot other media companies decided to put a lot of money into their own respective streaming services. Disney has Disney+ and Hulu, Warner Bros. Discovery has HBO Max and Discovery+, NBCUniversal has Peacock, Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS) has Paramount+. There are also a lot more niche streaming services and ones that more focused on a specific region. But there are a lot of streamers out there and I’m not really sure I can afford all of them. Which is why people tend to pirate content online. That’s the cheapest, but illegal, means of watching your show without paying $100+ for all of the major streamers.

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There aren’t any information regarding who actually owns Elite Stream TV. The website for it no longer exists. When you actually click on the link using the URL that they previously used, it will redirect you to the website of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, an online antipiracy organization. So if you were wondering if Elite Stream TV was legit, they are not. The domain name for ESTV was registered to Caujuan Mayo. A little bit of research helped me find out that Caujuan has promoted a lot of other multi-level marketing companies and schemes in the past. He uses the word “elite” a lot on the videos he posts on his YouTube channel.

It’s actually hard for me to explain the intricacies for an MLM scheme that no longer exists. But I will try. A lot of MLMs, especially those that solely exist in the digital space, don’t really have a physical item that they can sell you. I began to notice it when I started to review crypto-related MLMs like Hyperfund or GSPartners. Both of them only required a membership fee that you had to pay in order to become an affiliate. The service that they sold was as their own cryptocurrency. Since crypto generates itself in a digital space, you can’t really get a better look on how exactly you’re earning from it. The same kind of thing applies to Elite Stream TV. Not the crypto. Just the nontangible item thing.

You paid a $30 monthly fee to become an affiliate member at Elite Stream TV. The thing that you get from that monthly fee is access to IPTV streams from across the world. IPTV is basically TV streamed through the internet. There are a lot of IPTV providers who are allowed by major networks to provide their channels for streaming. Legal IPTV providers do offer at least $14 for a monthly subscription for their services. The weird thing about it is that you have to sign up for another website in order to actually use the service. They repackaged the monthly subscription from another IPTV service.

The compensation plan for Elite Stream TV is done in a uni-level structure. You recruit a person to sign up for an affiliate membership. You then get a $10 commission, while the person who recruited you will get $5. And that’s basically it. You don’t really have to do much else than recruit people and let them sign up. It’s kind of weird that a MLM scheme like this exists. Is it that hard to sign up for an IPTV service? I feel like you could just sign up for a more legal IPTV provider than taking a risk with Elite Stream TV. I mean, the website is already been shut down for illegally hosting streams that they don’t have the license to do so. And if the site shuts down because of that, you don’t get refunded. You probably will also face some chargers.

Going into any kind of multi-level marketing scheme has innate risks. You will put some money and time that you probably won’t get back. MLMs don’t really have a high success rate for the people who take part in it. Almost 75% tend to lose money from joining these schemes, while the rest actually earn. Is it really worth it if 3 of 4 people don’t earn money from joinig MLMs? It’s never for a lack of trying. The way it’s structure is just disadvantageous to people at the bottom.

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