Crazy Credit Formula Review (Brandon Elliott)

Brandon Elliott

Brandon Elliott wants you to know that he had this crazy credit formula that he’s willing to share. According to him, it gives you around six, seven-figure funding for zero interest, and also gets you free presidential suite upgrades. Forget about the suite upgrades, what’s up with the zero interest on that serious amount of money? I’ll be honest, it definitely sounds like a trap to me. Is it really? I’ll let you know in my review below.

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Of course, Brandon has to spill his backstory first before talking about his actual offer. As expected, he had many stories that’s straight out of a typical guru’s script. Like how he came from the “American poor”, living in section 8, relying on food stamps, and all that. Then, there’s also him becoming completely homeless and sleeping on friend’s couches… It’s always those damn couches.

I’m not saying that everyone saying such stories are automatically cappin’. It’s just you can’t deny how fishy it is to see him and every other guru having the same emphasis and format on their stories. Feels like it’s an unhealthy mix of lies and over exaggerated truth. Gonna do it to pull ya heartstrings, I guess.

Regardless, I do believe him when he says he had a pothead typa sh*t moment. Y’know, that hash oil explosion accident that got him lots of nasty burns. Not only did he get hospitalized, he also got several years of probation since his high on dope ass has obviously something to do with the said accident.

Glad he’s alive, well, out of house arrest, and not abusing substances no mo’. But I won’t let him off the hook for sneaking in some tired guru narrative to conclude the story. That is, crediting his change of pace to a mentor he invested in. It’s just too damn convenient for him to be true, being a mentor himself that’s currently selling his mentor stuff on us.

I’m saying this because I’m personally tired of hearing the same ‘ol sh*t over and over again. Like, can we just proceed immediately to the actual program? I guess I’ll move on to that for now. So, backstory aside, Brandon’s program is all about fixing, building, and leveraging credit. Restoring credit score fast, qualifying for refinance, getting six-figure business credit, that kind of stuff.

He mentions that banks are actually more than willing to transact with ya. You just don’t know how to look presentable to ‘em. Not saying the right stuff and overall, not knowing how to play their game. That’s what he’ll teach in Credit Counsel Elite programs, it’s how to utilize the so-called crazy credit formula of his to appease the banks and get ‘em to approve your loan request.

Also, he’ll also equip you with credit repair knowledge, so you never have to pay others a hundred, hundred fifty bucks to remove a single credit inquiry, and up to six and a half grand to completely wipe your credit clean within two weeks. No need to pay others ever again, but him for the crazy credit formula (cost around $5k).

Crazy Credit Formula Review

Last but certainly not the least, he’ll show you how to get credit cards to finance your biz with six, seven-figure funding all the while enjoying the perks and cash back rewards that comes with the said card. ‘Member the promise of zero interest funding and suite upgrade I mentioned earlier? This is it.

The funding is supposedly for your biz, although he doesn’t really teach you one. He only has suggestions for ya like using BRRRR strategy in real estate and investing in crypto. And I should say, that’s a big yikes for suggesting the latter. Simply put, the crypto space is just full of scams, bad actors (see: FTX), and all the kinds of bullsh*t. 

Now, is zero interest funding a trap? I’ll say it is for most people since this type of financing option has rigid deadlines on balance settlement. Failure to comply means you’ll get hefty penalties which notably includes lenders rescinding the zero interest clause. That, and the fact that it’s not and never will be free money. In reality, it’s a debt, a big ass one, that you still have to pay in due time. Can you? If you have doubts on your ability to pay, it’s probably not for you.

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