Ecommerce Empire Builders Review (Peter Pru)

Peter Pru

Peter Pru shares his strategies in building profitable ecommerce businesses in the flagship course of Ecommerce Empire Builders titled Ecommerce Empire Academy course. He claims that enrolling in his course guarantees success in scaling a dropshipping business past six figures even for those with zero tech skills or business experience. “Funnels works and I can’t thank you enough Peter Pru, you had such a big impact on my business,” are the words of Mikael Longson showing appreciation to Peter and his course. With the ever-changing dynamics of ecommerce and dropshipping due to pandemic, is it still worth it to enroll to Peter’s course? Keep reading this Ecommerce Empire Builders Review to find out.

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Ecommerce Empire Academy is a seven-module course that teaches how to build a profitable dropshipping business using sales funnels. Since its use of sales funnels, it is also known as the Six Figure Funnels course. It was founded by Peter Pru, a renowned dropshipping guru and Two-Comma award winner. He also has a respectable YouTube channel with 54.5k subscribers and almost 3 million in views.

The seven modules are titled as follows: The Mindset Shift, Markets and Offers, Funnels and Continuity, Email Marketing, Influencer and Organic Marketing, Facebook Advertising, and Scaling and Sales Channels.

The first three modules are all about the basics of dropshipping businesses and sales funnel. Specifically, the first module is all about changing your mindset to a more positive one so you can set a realistic goal for your business. Second is about picking the right niche and products on the market. Third module is about the strategies in extracting the maximum revenue out of customers and boosting sales conversion rates by 30%. The said module also includes a Done-For-You (DFY) template that you can set up to get your dropshipping business running within minutes.

The rest of the modules are all about growing your brand through email marketing and advertising. To start, the fourth module is about techniques on setting up your email sales content and growing your email list. Next is all about tips in establishing rapport and building genuine connections with influencers that can help promote your brand. The sixth module teaches how to create a proper Facebook ad for maximum conversion. Lastly, the seventh module includes ways to scale your business via outsourcing, branding, and unlocking multiple income streams.

All the modules plus access to the Elite Mastermind support group, weekly Q and A and recordings, and live coaching sessions cost $1,997 for one time payment or $497 monthly for 5 months.

The pros of the course include a money back guarantee, a detailed and beginner-friendly lessons to learn dropshipping and sales funnel, and the inclusion of numerous advertising strategies that is usually ignored in other courses or programs. If you have a lot of extra money to spare and would like to learn in-depth knowledge on dropshipping AND advertising, this might be a worthwhile course to take.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of the course is its cost. If you only want a basic knowledge on dropshipping without advertising lessons, you can opt to enroll in other more affordable courses.

Ecommerce Empire Builders Review

It is also important to note that dropshipping business is not for everyone. It can be profitable but needs a lot of time and effort to scale. If you want to generate lots of money in a short period of time, then dropshipping is not worth it since majority of its profit margin comes from selling a lot of cheaper products that takes time than selling a few big-ticket expensive ones.  Also, its lower barrier to entry makes it a highly competitive market. Lastly, the very nature of dropshipping means you lack control of the items’ quality and you’re putting your business reputation in the hands of a third-party supplier. If you want to incorporate a more hands-on approach to your business, then dropshipping should not be your choice of business model.

In conclusion, Peter’s Ecommerce Empire Academy course is worthwhile if you want to learn in-depth knowledge on dropshipping, sales funnel, and advertising. The course is structured to be beginner- friendly and can be used to establish your own dropshipping business hassle-free. However, it is better to look at other business models first since dropshipping is not suitable for everyone. If you do not have much time and effort to spare, dropshipping business and learning about it through Peter’s course is not recommended.

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