Blog Growth Engine Review (Adam Enfroy)

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy mentions how you need to blog like a startup, not a writer. Which makes sense if you want to make “life-changing” money out of it like he does [or so he claims]. You gotta treat it like a biz rather than just a hobby or you won’t make over $250k like him. Before I rethink all my life choices for not earning like that from this site, let’s check out his course that’ll reveal his secret sauce. Review below.

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As expected from someone encouraging peeps to think like a startup, Adam worked for a tech startup before. He eventually left the said job to work on his blogging biz that only started as a side gig. Obviously, it’s his main thang now as the blog is apparently doing so well.

It’s doing so well that a blog post where he flexes his Blog Growth Engine course reports a revenue figure as high as $400k a month. Four hundred frickin’ K! And I thought the $250k earlier is already ridiculous. Bet he’s spending as much on ads, though.

Before we speculate on ’em figures, let’s talk about what’s his Blog Growth Engine first. Blog Growth Engine is advertised as the culmination of everything Adam learned in starting and growing a seven figure blog. Not five, not six, but seven!

And it’s not just a course, he adds, but a full educational curriculum. Besides the core training of over forty hours, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group, an  exchange group on Slack, and one-on-one coaching calls with Blog Growth Engine… So, just like a typical course slash mentorship if you ask me. Dude just wants his thang to be called something fancy, I guess.

Anyways, Blog Growth Engine’s core training consists of ten phases [eleven if you include phase zero that serves as the course’s intro]. Phases one and two discuss niche selection and mindset. Topics like finding what’s your unique brand, scaling your online authority, and dealing with imposter syndrome will be discussed here.

Then, in phase three, you’ll see exactly what Adam means with blogging like a startup. In this phase, concepts of pivoting, starting lean, and feedback loops will be introduced. For lessons on how search engines work and how to deconstruct searches to get good writing ideas, it’ll be on phase four titled Decoding Search Intent.

Meanwhile, phase five titled Your Minimum Viable Website is where you’ll learn how to set up a website, a viable one at that as the phase’s name implies. For a step by step tutorial on how to search for monetizable keywords, it’s on the next phase, phase six aptly titled as Keyword Monetization.

In phases seven, eight, and nine, you’ll learn the ways of blog content creation, backlinks utilization, and blog monetization through affiliate marketing, respectively. Why you should assemble your posts rather than write it, how to scale guest posts and link building partnerships, and how to start making affiliate revenue— all these questions will be answered. For methods to scale and outsource your blog, it’ll be on the last phase named Scaling & Outsourcing Your Blog.

Blog Growth Engine Review

That being said, what’s the price of Blog Growth Engine, then? Well, Blog Growth Engine usually costs $1,497, up to $3,800 if bought without discount. While it’s not the priciest course out there with its discounted price, it’s still not cheap. Especially if you account for how it’s getting hard to schedule coaching calls here [it’s not even with Adam BTW]. Might as well consider it without one.

To spell it out, it’s your usual, not-so-affordable course that’s prolly built around Adam faking it ‘til he makes it. Yeah, I’m not buying the story of his meteoric rise the very moment he posted Blog Engine Growth for sale. Lots did, so it seems like he did somewhat make it and started racking up course money rather than blog’s. Still, I don’t appreciate the lies just to sell his sh*t.

In addition, the results Adam is showing are not typical. You gotta have deep pockets to pay for backlinks, PR, and ads to have a chance of replicating Adam’s results and experiencing it as fast as he apparently did. I don’t know ‘bout you, but I ain’t risking a crap ton of money on something where the chance of projected success is very, very slim. I’ll still do my thang here, but I ain’t telling nobody I’m making a figure straight out of la-la land with it just to sell a course. Feel me?

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