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Enopoly Automation Review (Vlad Varizhuk)

Vlad Varizhuk

Vlad Varizhuk says that with Enopoly Automation, you can earn an online passive income leveraging eCommerce. “Here in Enopoly, we specialized in building automated stores ranging from wholesale dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and even private label,” he continued. They do it all, apparently. As usual, I’m doubtful if Vlad, a guy who started as a network marketer, can actually deliver as a DFY provider of anything eCommerce. More details about Enopoly in my review below.

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“Having an online business in today’s world is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity,” Vlad mentions in a 12-minute video on Enopoly’s “book your call” page. He added, “but not just any kind of online business, an online business with a proven concept where we’re leveraging the largest marketplace in the world.” As expected, he’s talking about Amazon and Walmart here as the largest marketplace. And I agree, they’re both retail giants of today, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have a lucrative income just by selling there. And oh, he also mentioned Facebook Marketplace.

Again, he reiterated that they’ll do all the work for you from A to Z. Managing inventory, processing orders, handling customer service, all that kind of stuff will be done by them. While you are their capital partner, the one who manages the finances aka all the financial risks are on you. Is a slim chance of having a profitable hands-off eCommerce store worth risking at least $30k in upfront fee plus capital for the inventory? I don’t think so. I’m already saying hell nah to this biz offer, but let’s see what Vlad has to say further.

“Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – why we’re doing this,” he says. He addressed the concern by comparing their service on Mcdonald’s franchise offer. According to him, it’s a win-win situation where they can make more money by building more stores while you can benefit from your store being handled by professionals. Pfft, I won’t consider the latter being a W. Even the best of the best have their downfalls on eCommerce and dropshipping endeavors, just ask Project Pioneer’s Connor Shelefontiuk.

Anyway, here’s the list of what they’ll actually do to get your products live on your eCom stores. They are the following: create and register your store, product research, wholesale supplier research, presentation of the said research, purchase the products for inventory, label the products, and ship them to a warehouse. The number of products you’ll start with depends on your working capital as mentioned by Vlad (thanks Captain Obvious). And yes, the term is actually “stores” as they’ll set up three of them, one each on Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook Marketplace.

Enopoly Automation Review

Finally, the video ends up revealing three pricing options that I hope you won’t purchase. Option number one at 50/50 profit cut (first number is your percent cut, the other is theirs) requires paying $30,000 and $30,000 minimum working capital. Next, option number two at 60/40 profit cut requires paying $40,000 upfront and $50,000 minimum working capital. Finally, option number 3 at 70/30 profit cut requires paying $50,000 upfront and $100,000 minimum working capital. 

For the cost alone, I’ll say that you better stay TF away from Vlad’s Enopoly. I didn’t recommend Michael Walding’s similar DFY service, but the figures there (price and profit cut) are much better than whatever Vlad is selling. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend this program by Vlad either.

Besides, I don’t think that having three stores is a selling point at all. From the sounds of it, Vlad and his team will just copy-and-paste whatever they pull out of ‘em ass (aka “research”) to each of the stores. Why did I say so? Well, Vlad just revealed a similar brain dead strategy (just like copy-and-paste) in restocking. Something along the lines of “if a product didn’t sell well this month, we’ll reduce what we’ll buy as inventory for the next month.” What a professional, indeed!

Sarcasm aside, I wouldn’t trust my money personally on Vlad who seems to not know any sh*t about forecasting. Not a single cent for a guy who’s blatantly lying about not being “legally allowed” to show the money you can make with their stores, if there’s any at all, just to encourage you to book a call with them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no such thing as bad blood between us – only bad Vlad. Peace!

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