EPIC Challenge Review (Roland Frasier)

Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier mentioned in his Ethical Profits In Crisis (EPIC) Challenge video that the best way to scale your business is to buy someone’s else business. This is not limited to business acquisition alone as you can also buy traffic assets that will help your main business dominate the marketplace such as buying Facebook groups and social media pages with thousands of followers. All of this can be done without paying money down or upfront. Just like him, you can learn how to structure the deal to make the business acquisition pay for itself in his training. Impressed by the claims? Read this EPIC Challenge review first to learn more.

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The EPIC Challenge is a 5-day program that gives a brief overview of business and traffic assets acquisition that they deemed the most powerful growth lever used by top 1% of business owners. Basically, it is a sales pitch to EPIC Accelerator program which discusses the said strategy extensively. This is presented by Roland Frasier, an active investor who had practiced business, tax, securities law for over 12 years.

The inclusion of the EPIC Challenge that costs $55 are the following: 5 days live training (75 hours a day) from Roland Frasier, access to a private Facebook group, and lifetime access to EPIC digital workbook and EPIC Challenge recordings. This is also with bonus materials such as 8 proven strategies to acquire a business with little or money down, copy and paste ready to go outreach scripts, and a proven formula to valuate businesses for sale. This is quite affordable but in no way a complete course itself, just a “test the waters” presentation to identify if you want to join the complete course.

For the EPIC Accelerator course, the basic package that costs $2,995 includes a 40+ hours of $0 Mergers and Acquisition (M and A) video training, 8 weeks of group mentorship live calls, 153 deal sources, 57 business buying checklists, scripts, and agreements, 159 $0 out of pocket funding strategies, and a database with relevant info on M and A. This package costs $2,995.

For the elite package, it includes everything from the basic package plus 4 private small group strategy calls, 4 one on one deal team strategy calls, 1 hour consultation with M and A attorney, 3 30-minute virtual CFO calls, and additional 48 hours of intensive video trainings on how to increase the value of the companies you acquire. This package costs $6,995.

The materials in both packages can only be accessed for 8 weeks unless you qualified for the 300% success guarantee posted in the site which triples your access time. You will qualify for the said guarantee if you have not received 300% return on your investment with the course. However, there are no refunds for the program.

EPIC Challenge Review

To be fair, the cost of EPIC Accelerator course is expected due to the nature of business that it is teaching. However, EPIC Challenge should be offered for free since it is just a sales pitch of EPIC Accelerator course. If not offered for free, the team should be more transparent and make it clear that EPIC Challenge is just a preview of their main course. Regardless, if you do not wish to join EPIC Accelerator at all, then I recommend you to not try EPIC Challenge as well.

To add, the business model is more suited for experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen who is well-versed already in closing deals and managing companies. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to skip this course since business acquisitions is too complex and risky for you to do. In fact, it will be easier to build a business from scratch than completing a process of acquiring another business and taking over as its CEO.

Overall, EPIC Challenge directs you to a program that teaches legitimate methods to scale your current business. If you want to learn more about M and A as an experienced entrepreneur, then the EPIC Challenge can be a good way to check if EPIC Accelerator is the right course to learn it from. Otherwise, skip the EPIC Challenge especially if you have no interest at joining EPIC Accelerator at all. In my opinion, it is better to find other programs with easier to learn business model than business and traffic assets acquisitions.

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