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Erealist The Comedian Net Worth

The internet is full of people that you wouldn’t really have expected to have huge following in social media platforms. It takes a while to build a following on social media. You have to make something that people would enjoy. Celebrities sort of have it easy because they’re, well… celebrities. Once people enjoy a movie or series that they did on a streaming service, people will flock to whatever social media account they have to follow them. But for ordinary trying to make it, it’s especially difficult.

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The thing about internet personalities is that it’s extremely difficult to find anything that relates to their personal life. Although that really depends on the person. Somebody like Tooturnttony has managed to rope in his parents and other family members to be part of his videos on YouTube and TikTok. Their relative popularity managed to turn into a small business of sorts for them. But it really depends on the person how much of their personal life they’re willing to divulge.

What I’m saying is that I had a hard time trying to find any kind of information about Erealist’s personal life. If you search for his name, you are likely to just find a bunch of links to most of his social media pages. If you scroll down to the bottom. you will see that there’s only five page worth of search results about him. The most relevant ones are on the first page of the results. The ones on the last page are mostly results that separated “e” and “realist” and it showed a bunch of references to books on Google Books.

All I could find is that his real name is Eddie Harris. He has a wife named Nikki Harris. They have three kids from what I have seen. And they reside in Baker Hill, Alabama. Erealist’s claim to internet fame is that he posts sketches on TikTok that is relatable to a lot of Black people in America. At the point that I am writing this, he has amassed more than 2,000,000 followers. It may not seem like a lot in TikTok standards. But two million followers is still a big deal. It’s hard to get the attention of two million people unless they share similar sensibilities with you. People like watching comedic sketches on TikTok apparently.

That’s pretty much the extent of his internet fame. He does have four million followers on Facebook, more than 450 thousand on Instagram, and more than 200 hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube. With that many followers on different platforms, he probably qualifies to be monetized on each platform. That’s really why a lot of people try to be on as many platforms as they can. You have to find as many ways to monetize your content in order to earn money.

I’m not saying that everybody who gets into these platforms are in it for the money. But if you’re going on platform like YouTube where there’s a robust monetization program, you will probably be incentivized to make good content. Once you get a substantial amount of followers like Erealist did, you kind of have to find a way to make money out of it. Aside from doing sketches on TikTok, he also apparently has music? And that he does standup? Apparently he’s known well enough to get invited to a bunch of events in different states. It’s only for small events. But you take what you can get.

If you look at his posts on Instagram or Facebook, you can see that he’s doing well for himself. He has a nice house and a nice car. He also has nice jewelry. I think that having some kind of fame can be helpful to a lot of people. But, as I have said in a previous paragraph, it’s very hard to find an audience for the stuff that you’re doing. You do have to put in a bit of work to make it on the internet. Luckily, the sketches that Erealist puts out is relatable for a sizeable number of people in America. It’s very easy for content to go viral in certain circles if there’s some hook that other people can relate to.

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