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Eric Roberts Net Worth

For some reason, it’s very common for certain family members to work in the same industry. It’s especially apparent in the film and television industry. Often times, I see a lot of people being surprised to see that a certain actor is the child of somebody who also works in the industry. It sort of made sense that the thing that you get exposed to becomes sort of second nature, in a way. Like, if you spend a huge chunk of your childhood hanging around sets while your parents directed or acted in a movie, it would make sense that you would follow the path. I mean, if you’re living in Los Angeles, that’s the most common way to find work?

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Still, it’s a big deal for a lot of people that certain actors have an advantage in working in the industry because of their parents. Nepotism happens in a lot of industries, but it’s more glaring in the entertainment industry. Sometimes you just can’t really stop hiring actors who come from a family that worked in the industry. But I get why people don’t want to see people have that kind of advantage. It’s hard for people to find work in the industry especially if you’ve come from a small town or something. You know, fairly standard journey for a lot of actors.

While I was searching for clips of Eric Roberts on YouTube, one of the search results that I got was a channel for another unrelated Eric Roberts. It’s a fairly common name so I wasn’t really surprised by it. They whole Amy Lawrence thing has gotten me used to it at this point. On Google, I get a lot more results for the actor Eric Roberts which is why I wrote two whole paragraphs about having people you’re related to working in the industry. The other Eric Roberts is a fitness coach. And you can definitely see that the guy means business.

Back to the Eric Roberts that I am writing about. Eric is an actor who is related to actors Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts. Julia is Eric’s sister while Emma is his daughter. Surprisingly, the acting blood runs in the family, Eric and Julia’s parents were actors and playwrights who met during a product that they did for the armed forces. After his parents gave birth to him, they went to establish an actor and writing workshop in Atlanta. While his mother was pregnant with Julia, they founded an acting school for kids.

The marriage between their parents lasted for about 16 years before they divorced. His father had custody of him while his mother had custody of Julia and their younger sister Lisa. His mother and sisters moved in the next town over. His mother got married and also gave birth to another child.

Eric was the first to purse acting out of the three of them. He got a role in a defunct daytime soap opera on NBC titled “Another World.” He played the role of Ted Bancroft for about five months in 1977. He had pretty steady work during the late 1970s to early 1980s. It was through the 1978 film “King of the Gypsies” that he had his first nominated in any award-giving body. He was surprisingly in a lot of films. Like a lot. He had a role in like three films almost every year.

It’s amazing to see him be eclipsed by his own sister and daughter when it comes to fame even though he was the first one to work in the industry. I am vaguely familiar with some of the shows that he’s been on. But I highly doubt that I would have recognized him right off the bat. Looking at it now, he appears to have played the role of Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a show that I actually watched.

Like I said, Eric seems to be getting steady work as an actor. It’s no wonder that he has a net worth of about $1,750,000. Sometimes it’s great to be the lead of a television series or a movie. But it’s probably good to have a steady stream of projects coming your way. Sometime it’s just hard to keep your star shining bright especially if a project flops.

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