Joel Erway Review (High Ticket Courses 2.0)

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Joel Erway has gone from a “worthless” sales engineer (at least, according to the client of the company he’s working before), to someone who’s earning well over several thousands of dollars in a month. He attributes this to his new course model that allows course sellers to grow 10 times faster with a lot less effort. This means that, with his system, you can go from charging $997 (the standard cost for most online courses) to around $8,000+ and make an extra $20, or even $50,000 a month selling your course. And he claims that this system works, even if you never had experience in sales before.

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Joel then further claims that the entire process requires little technical setup and knowledge. You don’t need a long-winded webinar or an 8,000-word sales page; and you won’t need to give away free stuff or do a complicated launch, either. This is something that would be all-too-familiar to you, because this one statement has been said countless times before when it comes to promoting other moneymaking systems by these gurus. Some of them are proven to be true, while most of them, ironically, is far too technical to be done effectively. But let’s give Joel’s program a closer look to see if the claims are legit.

Basically, it involves making your offer (in this case, online course offer) into a high-ticket one. But why go for high-ticket? This is so you can cover, and even exceed, your living expenses in a faster way. Besides, let’s admit it. Unless you’re really well-known, most people will never get enough traffic to generate hundreds or thousands of low ticket sales per month. Another reason for going high ticket may surprise you. Selling high ticket offers needs the same amount of effort as a low ticket one. So basically, knocking down a $10,000 sale is no different than a $100 sale in terms of the effort needed. So if your goal is to make $30,000 per month, even if you’re selling your course for $5,000, you only need six sales a month. Seems doable, right?

The question, however, is are there even people who are willing to shell out a couple of thousand dollars just to enroll in a high-ticket course like yours? Joel Erway thinks that there are, especially when you follow the system that he’s going to teach you. It all starts with an “offer ad.” A no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point presentation. You then tell them what you do, warn them that it’s not cheap, and tell them to take the next step only if they’re interested, qualified, and most importantly, willing to commit. If they are, they’ll simply click on the link shown to them, check out your simple 8–12 minute presentation, fill out a form, book a call, and hopefully, join.

Joel Erway 2

Joel says that the phone call isn’t really necessary to close the sale. But it’s a good start, and can help you immensely in the long run. Then, once you got your game on, you get the feel of how the system works for you and that you know exactly how you can get people to buy your offer, then you can move on from the automatic “Buy Now” sale, if you choose. Regardless, the beauty is that the system does the selling for you from the very moment they discover you (like through your Facebook newsfeed ad, for example). So if you feel like you’re not really the marketer-type of guy, and you feel uneasy pressuring someone to buy your offer, this is perfect for you.

All you need is just one thing. One system, one ad, one message, one offer, and even just one person to run the entire thing (unless you’re going to hire a salesperson). Joel says, “Do you see why this is the fastest and easiest way to get to $30- to $50k per month?. So you can earn the money you deserve and finally start living your dream lifestyle once and for all?” If it is, then his program, the High Ticket Courses 2.0, is something that you may want to take. Here, Joel will hook you up with all the tools, templates, strategies, and swipes you’d need to speed everything up. The program will help you get leads, convert them into big ticket buyers of your signature program, and scale up from there.

Even if you don’t have an online course being made yet, or even if the online course you’re offering isn’t a high-ticket one, you’re still welcome to join Joe’s program. In fact, he’ll even help you scale that offer of yours in order for you to earn even more money, more than when you’re doing it by yourself. High Ticket Courses 2.0 costs $1,997. You can also do 3 payments of $797 if you wish. One thing I like about this is that they’re transparent for the price, instead of having to book a call for you to find that out. As for Joel Erway himself, he seems to be a trustworthy fellow, and he knows what he’s talking about. But it’s kind of ironic that his presentation for this lasts up to 2 hours…

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