Evolved Agents Review

Evolved Agents

Evolved Agents’ co-founder Sam Austin Everett mentions that taking a break every ninety days or so is important. Unwind and never let the chaos from day-to-day life/work consume you. That’s the caption, while the photo complementing it features his snorkel-clad self drinking a beer on a beach. Nice vacay he got, but did he take it because Evolved Agents is chaotic itself? Guess we’ll see in the review below if it is, and if the program is worth investing.

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When I think of chaos from day-to-day work, I picture unpleasant coworkers, excessive micromanagement, tiring commutes, and piss poor wages. Just to name a few. Now, let’s look at it from the perspective of Sam. For the first one, I really can’t say if he finds his coworkers unpleasant. I hope not because there’s only five of them, six employees in total as listed on their site (probably outdated since they had at least twenty two bodies listed on Linkedin).

Meanwhile, the company operations being completely remote makes tiring commutes out of consideration. The micromanagement part, on the other hand, will be highly unlikely. I mean, Sam is one of the bosses here, that’s why. Him having piss poor wages as a boss doesn’t make any sense either.

With that being said, I don’t think Sam took that fancy vacay opportunity to avoid the chaos from his company. He did it to relax, but that doesn’t mean he’s escaping some sort of a toxic cesspool. Evolved Agents ain’t like that, I guess. That’s one question answered. How about the second one?

To answer whether Evolved Agents is worth investing or not, let’s look at what it actually offers first. From the text that headlines their website, they apparently help real estate agents to become “evolved” agents. The promise after becoming that is as follows: $300k income a year with one ad and trained assistant.

That, and something along the lines of making $100k GCI monthly, with one to two ads, two to three remote assistants, happy clients, and a chill lifestyle. They’re pretty ambitious for saying both, I should say. Although, the first one is not completely a pipedream, I think, and also not as ridiculous as other figures I’ve heard in other mentorships before. Can’t say the same on the second bit, however.

And oh, speaking of mentorship, the way they’d try to deliver on their promise is by providing a mastermind. Better teach a man how to fish as they say. From them doing the majority of ISAs work before and offering it as a service, to just teaching you how to do it. The whole system of generating appointments, at least. They’re still the ones who’ll set up your ads and hook you up with some trained assistants.

To reiterate, what they’ll do for you are the following: Build a funnel with a strong backend that’ll get clients in your calendar on autopilot;  give you the training to convert those calendar bookings into deals; and point you towards ways you can outsource and automate tasks.

Evolved Agents Review

The last bit is much aligned with their mantra: More with less. They aim to maximize profits, client results, and happiness, while at the same time, minimizing complexity, costs, headcount, and stress. Since I’ve mentioned cost here, now’s the time to drop one. And so, my estimate for the price of Evolved Agents would be around $4k.

Now, is it worth investing or not? The lack of social proof would tell me no, they’re not worth investing until they show me, show US rather, that they’re actually the real deal. I’ve seen none of ‘em that’d tell me they are outside their own website and YouTube. Not saying that they’re automatically sh*t, but taking a huge risk of checking whether they’re that sh*t or not ain’t it. In Nicki’s voice, just zon’t zo it. Okay? Okay.

To add, I can’t confirm whether they did actual ISA work before. Worst case, they offer the ISA thang as training because they don’t know how to implement their so-called “closings on demand” system themselves. Like, if they do it, they can’t pretend that they’re crazy good, innit? That’s besides the training usually being easier said than done. In the end, I feel like they’re just a generic marketing company trying to be a specialized one. Whaddya think.

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