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Executive Advantage Review (Mitch Gonsalves)

Mitch Gonsalves is a 25-year old millionaire who claims himself as the minimalist, millionaire, entrepreneur, producer who produced, mix-mashed and engineered beats that he uses in his youtube videos. Well, you got a lot of titles there, young lad. And an awesome hobby at that, no sh*t. There are a lot of young people nowadays growing their businesses and being entitled as millionaires all of a sudden. How did one like Mitch do it? Find out in my review below.

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As an entrepreneur who has made over $4 million over the past 4 years, he’s bragging about owning nothing. Having a complete lifestyle while keeping it to bear minimum is what he believes is right and it should be what other business owners are doing. Why? The more you keep on buying material things, the more you crave it. Craving for a lot of things is a bad thing because money is just temporary.

Material things just bring short term happiness. As you buy everything that you want, the more you scale up your lifestyle. Yes, your business is doing great now, but what if, and eventually it will go down the pike, where it will be completely nothing. What will happen to your high maintenance lifestyle in the end? That’s where debts are being developed, bad decisions are being made and your life will eventually go down the drain.

Mitch doesn’t want that to happen to any entrepreneurs out there. That’s why he created Executive Advantage, an agency that claims to have unified the field theory of business growth. They help consultants and digital marketing agencies scale up their business of up to $100k a month in six months or less, apparently. That’s always been the time stamp of each and every program that I’ve written a review about.

He offers two programs in his agency. First is the Enterprise Elite program that teaches entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, digital marketers to scale up their businesses using a system that they call automated Linkedin Organic System, remote commission based sales team and youtube ads. He claimed that they have helped 700 entrepreneurs scale up their businesses using this program. Only the bicker of the mouth and some screenshots as their proof. 

The program includes a hybrid experience. Done-for-you tools that’s just basically plug and play and eventually get results with minimal time, effort and energy, and a self-study manual for you to read on your own time. You will also get the opportunity to talk to Mitch himself while having live consultant calls two times a week. A community where you can share and clash ideas with the most successful people which they call “the masterminds”.

Since every person has their unique circumstances, different solutions are being made everyday and it does not come in as cheap as you think it is. Their services can cost $2,000 and can go up to $30,000 depending on what goals you will set to scale up your business. And not just that, you’ll also need to pay for other things like Linkedin sales navigator, premium zoom account, automation software and even google workspace. Why can’t they just include it in the package?

The second one is The Board, an elite mastermind for entrepreneurs who wanted to scale their businesses, and where not talking thousands here, we’re already at millions. 8-figures is their goal, man. And what are they just doing here? Live in-person events, 1-on-1 coaching, learn from the most successful person in the industry, a custom build program that is made by their team that differs for each business and gain access to many more cutting edge strategies. 

While doing my research, I’ve read that it is statistically impossible for an average person to earn $100k a month, what more in 6 months or less. If a million dollars is almost impossible where you earn $83,000/month, $10 million is a rocket to the moon, my friend. That’s $833k a month, what are you selling? Spaceships? Damn. Where’d you find your strategy, sir? From an alien?

All these numbers are way over exaggerated. A study says it all. They’ve been charging way more money to applicants who haven’t even earned that big. Those cutting edge strategies they spoke of may just be from a book they’ve read across the street. We’ll never know. It all smells like a scam to me because of those big numbers they promised to every person that will join their program. His principles may be right, but his way of doing business is wrong.

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