EYH Academy Reviews

EYH Academy

EYH Academy’s founder Brent Orwell claims to value the time of their audience. That’s why he, together with his wife and co-founder Molly, will try to make their Business Launch Blueprint presentation as brief as possible. No problem with potentially wasting your time and get nothing on a twenty-minute demo, right? WRONG! Truth is, there’s so much more to lose here. I’ll explain why, and reveal everything I know below. 

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Expand Your Horizons? More like expand your network and lose time, money, and relationships in the process. Maybe even your own sanity! It’s just network marketing and MLM, folks… I mean, mate ’cause this thang is an Aussie infused one.

To put it bluntly, the “training materials” of EYH Academy are only there to warm you to the idea of selling overpriced water filters while requiring you to buy one yourself first. These water filters, infamously known as Kangen Water, are made by Enagic.

Mind you, dealing with Enagic alone is already bad news even without EYH Academy in the picture. All their products are obviously made with MLM in mind: You can’t buy them  normally unless you become a distributor yourself. Just like I’ve told y’all earlier, can’t sell if you don’t buy; can’t buy if you don’t sell.

Besides, the water filters are worthless, no-good piece of junk themselves. Contrary to what the grifters working for Enagic [and EYH Academy] might tell ya, alkalized water doesn’t equate to healthy water. As Dr. Andrew Weil from Harvard Medical School said, “The health claims for water ionizers and alkaline water are bogus. Save your money.”

So, yeah, the “antioxidant-rich, health water for revitalized cells” that they promise is just pseudoscience bullsh*t. That’s why, as the “parent” company, they’re trying to evade regulatory scrutiny from the likes of FTC. And they’re doing it by partnering with “training programs” such as EYH Academy.

To get started with EYH Academy, the initial cost would be paying a subscription fee of $149 a month. But then, in order to take part of their “networking” activities, you also gotta buy an “investment” package which is none other than Enagic’s Kangen Water. Price starts at $3k, although there are “higher tier” packages that could cost up to $15k… I beg your pardon?!

Not only would I NOT buy an expensive placebo crap for myself, I would NOT stomach selling ’em as well. Especially with EYH Academy’s advice of starting with your “warm market” first aka family, friends, and acquaintances. Are you fine potentially ruining relationships with ya loved ones just to get piss poor commissions that would likely NOT cover the expense of you buying the “investment”? ‘Cause I’m NOT!

I wouldn’t want to be a part of a cult built by this Aussie couple either. Just look at the comments coming in packs, and defending them. Telling us how the Academy has incredible support, has the best vibes, is run by a beautiful family and most authentic people, yada yada… But under the same breath, throwing hurtful words, calling others lazy and just jealous for any bit of skepticism towards their sh*t.

They remind me of the nasties that consistently make unsolicited remarks about someone else’s weight gain and/or acne breakout. Telling it under the guise of “being concerned” when they just get off ruining other people’s vibes. Ugh.

EYH Academy Reviews

Regardless of who’s behind the nasty Reddit comments, whether it’s the couple or real EYH students who are still in denial that they’ve been duped, it still shows how terrible the culture within the EYH Academy. I mean, only ’em nasties will be fine spreading lies while insulting anyone who tells them otherwise.

Obviously, I won’t recommend doing any business with EYH Academy or any of the Orwell’s program [like Lifestyle Hustlers].  Only the top 1% “distributors” are making serious money here, the rest are all in the red. It’s just like every other MLMs, nothing new.

But even then, being at the top [of the pyramid, *cough* pyramid scheme *cough*] here is like selling your soul to the devil. No, seriously, it’s because the kaching you get is at the expense of many others. Don’t want to be part of that and rot in hell or wherever, nuh-uh. Here’s to hoping we’re on the same page.

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