EYL University Review (Earn Your Leisure University)

Troy Millings

EYL University is an online course that offers lessons in finance, home purchasing, and real estate investing. The program mainly focuses on the black community, and they offer them the support that was otherwise not provided by other investors in the real estate market. That doesn’t mean only the black community can avail of this program. From the looks of it, EYL University is open to all kinds of people, no matter what color they are. As long as they’re ready and willing to succeed in the real estate industry, EYL University can help with it. “EYL” stands for “Earn Your Leisure.”

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The course was founded by Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal. What is publicly known about them is that they have accumulated a lot of followers on social media. And their online presence is plenty enough to cement their legitimacy, as they also have a popular podcast program, Instagram account, and most importantly, a YouTube account, which has plenty of hundreds of thousands of subscribers at present. They even had a chance to interview several big celebrities like Steve Harvey, etc. Though you might be wondering. It’s pretty apparent that they’re earning a lot of money from their YouTube videos and/or podcasts, due to their huge following. But there’s not even a hint about their success in real estate, and if they’re really making plenty of money from it.

Anyways, the course is divided into two parts. The first part is considered the main EYL University course content. While the second part is all about the Home Buyer’s Blueprint. The EYL University section consists of lessons about the general aspect of generating wealth, including managing cash flows and investing said wealth. Aside from the main lessons, it also includes access to weekly webinars, access to more than 100 past webinars, a private Facebook community, a “movies and book club,” and even financial planning calls are held with Rashad Bilal every month. You will be able to network, build relationships with like-minded people, and get your questions answered in the community included with this program.

The Home Buyer’s Blueprint consists of lessons for new realtors and first-time property buyers. So if you’re a beginner in real estate, it might be wise that you go to this section first. This section includes topics like hiring the right loan officer, learning about the different terms that you may encounter in real estate, how mortgages work, looking for deals right in the comfort of your own home, and all about the different kinds of loans available to you. Furthermore, you will also get access to weekly mentorship calls with other real estate experts as well as from someone that calls himself the “Mortgage Guy.”

Rashad Bilal

EYL University will cost you $499 for a whole year. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you are dissatisfied with the modules. What I like about EYL University is that it has a strong focus on providing real estate education for the black community. It’s hard to admit this, but racism is still a thing in modern times. It is good to know that a brand like this exists that focuses on helping out people from the black community who want to learn about real estate. Other companies simply do not treat them seriously, which speaks volumes about how racism is still being observed even today.

The EYL community is pretty massive, considering how successful the brand has become. And they seem to be quite friendly, too. With a huge community ready to receive you into their fold, you can meet people who will be willing to join you in your journey every step of the way. However, there are also some things that I don’t really like about this course. And it relates to their branding. Honestly, I don’t think that EYL University earns most of its money by investing in real estate. I think the branding itself is the one that’s bringing them income, from how successful they are on social media to the merchandise they are selling in their web store.

Also, there’s a severe lack of real testimonials from real people talking about the success in real estate that they have acquired during their time at EYL University. Not even on some popular forums like Reddit or Quora. Then again, since the course has a certain niche when it comes to its students, they may not be enough students to accomplish it. Overall, while I do like the aim of EYL University, the business model they’re teaching is something that leaves to be desired. Especially since the real estate industry nowadays is in somewhat poor shape…

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