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Wealth Factory Review (Garrett Gunderson)

Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson is the founder and so-called Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory. A financial advocate himself, Garrett believes that his company has what it takes to show how business owners can keep most of the money they make without scrimping and sacrificing through painful budgeting. Here, they’re not only concerned with making wealth, but also on keeping one. How will they do it? I’ll tell you in my Wealth Factory down below.

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Wealth Factory, first and foremost, is both an education and implementation program on personal finance for, again, business owners as well as entrepreneurs and health care professionals. To Wealth Factory, these people usually stick to what they do best— running their biz well and providing excellent, state-of-the-art service as expected from a professional. 

This is what should’ve been, alright. Still, you can’t deny the consequences that often come with the approach. That is, personal finance management taking a backseat. According to them, you can try to do both yourself, but you’ll only end up stressed and doing worse on both. “So providing a proven, comprehensive solution is well-received by this group,” they conclude.

Here is where Wealth Factory fills the gap. They got your back by doing the financial management for you. And no, you don’t need to pay and even have lots of money to avail their offer. Y’know, with them, Wealth Factory, a network of asset protection attorneys, accountants, cash flow specialists, insurance experts, and estate planning attorneys is within your reach even if you’re not worth $50m or more.

If you’ve visited their site first instead of my review, you know that I omit one specific expertise label that they’re claiming for themselves. I don’t mean to rain on their parade, but I had them call them out for this. Like, you can’t just imply that you’re an investment advisor, then backtracked one paragraph later and tell you’re not actually one. You lying muppet.

The disclaimer said it clearly, “We are not financial or investment advisors and do not sell securities or investments.” But isn’t financial management a form of financial advice, eh? Like, I’ll give them a pass if what they offer is purely educational training on finance management and that only. But no, the premise of their flagship program in Freedom Fasttrack is building you a “customized wealth plan” tailor-fit to your individual needs. That definitely sounds like financial advice to me.

In other words, I’m calling them out because they’re giving out advice that they shouldn’t really be giving in the first place. They’re just similar to the usual options and stocks trading program that charges fees for access to their trade picks. It’s painfully obvious that the trading picks are a form of investment advice, but they’re like, no, for legal purposes, it’s for “educational information” only because we’re not investment advisors ourselves. Now, who are we fooling?

Wealth Factory Review

C’mon now, be serious. I’m talking to you Garrett and your Wealth Factory. You’re maybe fooling the authorities (unfortunately) with that nonsense disclaimer, but not me. Sure, advice on taxes, real estate planning, and insurance may not be as extreme as suggesting trade picks, but it’s still a form of financial advice nonetheless. And again, you and your company are not supposed to give such, so that’s a problem.

That’s my major concern with Wealth Factory, enough for me to not recommend any of their programs if you’re after financial advice and management. If you want the latter that takes your individual needs into consideration, then choose an actual financial advisor. If you’re just after a general training with probably lots of motivational talks on the side, then the likes of Wealth Factory can suffice. Although, I’ll say not choose Wealth Factory itself for being misleading. Don’t reward that kind of shady behavior, um-kay?

For the sake of this review’s completeness, I’d still drop the details regarding Wealth Factory’s educational offer, Build. For this offer of Wealth Factory that cost $197, you’ll get the following: Cash Flow Recovery Secrets for a guaranteed return of up to 8%-18% profit next year; The Financial Strength Grader that covers cash flow, debt management, and asset protection; The 3-Part Audiobook Masterclass which includes the books written by Garrett himself; and more cash flow strategies and bonuses. But nah, I’ll pass on this one myself.

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