Family First Life Review (Plus Complaints)

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Family First Life USA states that they’re offering you a great opportunity to earn a good amount of money, approximately more than six figures from the first year you joined their system. Not only that, but they’re also offering free training and will take care of the leads to lessen your work. It does sound interesting, not going to lie. But how does this work? Let’s dive into this Family First Life review to find out.

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The video ad starts with Alondra herself talking. “Hey, everyone. I’m Alondra, and I’m from Bakersfield, California. I’m 22 years old. I just wanted to share with you guys what a life-changing opportunity this has been for me. Before I got started with the insurance industry, I was just serving. I was making tips, I was earning about three thousand dollars a month. I thought that was really good money until this opportunity was presented to me.”

The video then continues with Alondra talking about how much she earns ever since she started here. On average, she’s making around $40,000 to $50,000 each month, and she’s doing this without hiring any employees whatsoever. This, she says, is strong proof of just how easy and effective earning money with Family First Life is. That is, as long as you worked out and follow their so-called “blueprint“, of course. The ad ends with Alondra telling you to click on the link provided on the ad and send a message on Facebook so you can get started right away.

Family First Life, first and foremost, is an insurance broker. This means that its business is based around selling insurance policies provided by several of its insurance partners from around the country. It even bills itself as the number one insurance marketing organization in America. Family First Life is founded in 2013 by Shawn Meaike and headquartered in Uncasville, Connecticut. It has partnered with several insurance providers, including Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Americo, Great Western Insurance Company, and other reputable insurers, to sell policies. Thus, as a Family First Life independent agent, you’ll be responsible for selling multiple insurance products, including whole and universal life policies, final expense, mortgage protection, and fixed indexed annuities.

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“Best Business Ever!”, or so he says…

What’s rather unclear, however, is Family First Life’s compensation plan for its affiliates and independent agents. It’s rather vague, as you won’t even get a full detail of it on just about anywhere, even when they’re trying to pitch you into working for them. According to the website, your commissions as an affiliate can reach around 90% of the sales in the first year. But further research reveals that your commission earning may range from 80% starting, up to around 110%. Note that to qualify for the higher rates, you need to satisfy the required policy volume for two consecutive months (AKA more sales on your part). For example, generating $5000 a month in policies for two consecutive months will increase your commission rate to 85%. Generating $10,000 a month in policies for two consecutive months will increase your commission rate to 90%. And so on.

This also doesn’t include any of the bonuses that you’ll get from recruiting people as your downline. What did you say? Recruiting people? YES! Family First Life also operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, meaning you have to recruit other people to join and be affiliates as well, if you want to earn even more money here. In fact, some of the agents here focus on the recruiting aspect of this company to earn even more money, than the sales aspect. It’s no wonder that most MLM companies like this one earn a dirty reputation of being a pyramid scheme, even though they claim it’s not. There’s no cost mentioned for signing up to Family First Life. I assume that you need to at least avail one of the insurance policies they’re offering to be able to join.

But as it’s an MLM, there’s also plenty of complaints about this company, including scam accusations and whatnot. Personally, I believe that they’re some elements of truth to them. After all, this IS an MLM. Thus, I don’t really recommend this unless you’re the type that loves to recruit people. But if you’re going to do with some lies and deception, like trying to fake some people, are you sure you’re willing to do that? Please don’t be like that. It’s better if you just skip this and go look for opportunities elsewhere.

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