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Farida Bayoumi claims that earning $15,000 per month, is just the norm for her, ever since she started as an Amazon seller. And because of that, she is comfortable quitting her 9-5 job. She also claims that you yourself can do it too. All you have to do is to follow the instruction that is contained in her FBA Academy online course. But it’s widely known that Amazon FBA is a tough industry to be in, so will Farida bring anything new to the table in this industry? Let’s find out in this review.

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Farida Bayoumi is simply more than her looks. Before, she was managing a million-dollar fashion business that’s based in Amazon, before she quit her 9-5 job to build her own business. She’s also a model for the “Own The Trend” brand of sunglasses, which can still be seen on Amazon today. At a rather early age of 22, she left her job to focus on her business, and right now, she has built it to the point that her current business has 3 warehouses across Dubai, Egypt & Canada. Farida then condensed everything that she knew as an Amazon FBA seller, and put it into her own online course, the FBA Academy.

The FBA Academy contains everything that you can usually expect from an Amazon FBA online course. Included inside are lessons on how to do effective product research (Farida suggests that you use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension for this purpose), finding suppliers for your products, and putting your own brand onto them. It also has lessons on how to do your marketing before and after your product launch, and more importantly, how to scale your Amazon FBA business for the future.

As you can already tell, there’s really nothing new about the Amazon FBA course that Farida offers. The content is basically the same as some of the other Amazon FBA online courses that you’ve been seeing around time and again, especially if you’re actively looking for one. There’s also access to downloadable scripts and templates, and a 30 minute live consultation with Farida herself in case you want to ask any questions or clarifications related to the course (you can only access it after you’ve finished the entire lesson here). But again, nothing being taught here can be considered unique and game-changing. It’s what can you expect from an Amazon FBA course. And it can be a good thing.

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The FBA Academy costs around $237, which is arguably cheaper than most Amazon FBA courses (and even other online courses in general). But if you’re looking to build an online business for yourself, I have to say that I don’t personally recommend Amazon FBA to everyone. There’s a very good reason why some of the well-known online financial gurus in the past don’t do Amazon FBA anymore. And it’s because it’s one of the hardest online business models today.

Let’s assume you don’t want to offer items that are currently available on Amazon. To establish your own brand, you need a completely unique product. Unfortunately, you must pay your supplier in full before you can even manufacture some prototypes of the items you require. Aside from that, if you believe the prototypes require changes, that is an additional expense. Setting up your business and running advertisements are both time-consuming, and it might take months before you can call your store completely functional. Months in which there was no profit and just expenses. Even Farida Bayoumi herself admits to this.

Also, FBA entails more than simply placing items in your store and waiting for them to sell. It entails a large number of duties, which might be tedious if you are working alone. On a daily basis, you’d have to contact suppliers and logistics firms, follow Amazon’s regulations, and perform a variety of other tiresome chores. It’s no wonder some business owners tend to hire virtual assistants or other personnel when they’re running an Amazon FBA store as part of their scaling procedure, which, in turn, would then entail you to even more cost.

But the biggest issue that you’ll have to face on Amazon FBA, is the amount of capital that you’ll need. I mean, unlike some others, this isn’t some business that you can start without any starting capital of sorts. Well, all businesses do need money to start, but Amazon FBA demands even more than the others. It’s not uncommon for Amazon FBA business owners to shell out $20,000 in this business. Not only do you have to spend money to buy the products for you to sell, but you also have to take care of the marketing costs, which usually means paid ads. Overall, Farida Bayoumi seems to be a legitimate individual, and there doesn’t seem to be anything scammy about FBA Academy, since it delivers what it intends to teach. However, Amazon FBA just demands too much time and money, therefore, it’s not really recommended unless you really love selling.

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