Farmasi Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

With so many companies in multiple industries, you’re bound to find a network or multi-level marketing company. You’ll actually manage to find some in the beauty and personal care industry. You’d think that with so many companies operating in that industry, there wouldn’t be any more space in it. Surprisingly, there’s still some space left in it. People will still look for products that could fit their budget. And it’s really easy to sell products using the structure that multi-level marketing has. If you give people an opportunity to earn money from a thing, you’re bound to get people interested in what you have to say.

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You wouldn’t really think a company that has a name that sounds like “pharmacy” would be a company that mainly sells beauty products. Somehow, Farmasi is just that. The weird thing about it is that the founder of Farmasi, Dr. Cevet Tuna, did establish a pharmaceutical company in the 1950s. The shift towards pharmaceuticals was a slow one. The pharmaceutical company he established did pretty well for itself. After 22 years, he sold the shares of that company. He was still working in the pharmaceutical industry after that. It was in 1998 that Dr. C and his son decided to establish Tanalize Cosmetics. It was through that initial experience in the cosmetics industry that Farmasi was born.

Farmasi basically became the family business. Three generations of the Tuna family have been running the company since its foundation in 2003. Dr. C passed away in 2017. His grandson Sinan took over as CEO two years later.

Farmasi has expanded its range of products from just makeup. They have bath and body products, skin care products, cleaning products, fragrances and nutritional supplements. They are pretty much a conglomerate at this point. So I’m kind of confused why they seemingly went more towards to being a multi-level network company instead of a company that puts its products onto the shelves of grocery stores and the like.

In order to become one of Farmasi’s “beauty influencers,” you must pay a membership fee of $19.99. On top of that, you have to purchase at least $250 worth of products. You have to do that in order to qualify for a commission at the company. As always, you will also need to recruit people to become your affiliates and all of must maintain a certain quota in order to qualify for a commission. From what I gathered, the qualifications for each member rank is kind of confusing. Some of them are similar to other rankings for other multi-level marketing companies. But how they compute your sales as a group is what makes it seem unneccessary.

Getting into any kind of multi-level marketing scheme involves a lot of money, time and effort being put into this venture. There are a lot of risks involved in MLMs. I have mentioned it a lot before. And it’s always true for any kind of MLM. Not every can earn from a structure like this. Because people at the bottom will always lose out on the opportunities. Most of the structures in any MLM company will resemble a pyramid. That’s why they often refer to a lot of MLMs as pryamid schemes.

It always confuses me why these companies don’t choose to put their products onto a regular marketplace. But then I remember that it costs money to put your products into store shelves. They can probably get a spot on those shelves, but people will probably choose a tried and tested product over another. So that’s why they turn to network marketing or multi-level marketing. It’s easier to get people to sell your product if you offer them an opportunity to earn from it. Those people will market the product for you. And all you really need is to manufacture and send those products out to them. It’s kind of a fucked up system. But it works, seemingly.

I could never really recommend MLMs to anyone, regardless of whether or not the products are decent. The main problem that I have with it is the structure of the entire thing. The people at the bottom of those structures will always do their hardest to reach the top. They will just get people to replace them at the bottom. And that whole process just starts again and again…

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