Attraction Marketing Formula Review (Ferny Ceballos)

Ferny Ceballos

Attraction Marketing Formula is not new to my ears, but the name Ferny Ceballos is. I don’t know about y’all, but none around me goes by the name Ferny that’s probably a fruity Fernando spinoff. Or maybe not, maybe the Ferny we’re talking about here has that name printed on his birth certificate. Regardless, the said name suits the vibe of his offer. Keep reading and scroll to my review below to know what his formula is all about.

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Let me preface this by saying that I’m not necessarily appropriating business models to whatever’s inside your pants or whoever you wanna smash. But, yeah, to me, a name like Ferny just fits the biz with ‘em boss babes like a glove. If you get it, you get it. If not, I would love to chill on whatever rock you’re living under, you sweet summer child. It’s MLM, referral marketing, or network marketing, y’all.

Again, for those who knows nothing about MLM, I’m not saying that MLM is exclusive for the femme. Like seriously, how can I forget the likes of Marc Wilson’s and Josh Snyder’s here. In fact, Ferny is just like them appearance-wise despite the name. But the way he presents his Attraction Marketing Formula is probably more appealing to boss babes MLMers rather than just-done-with-fishing dads MLMers. Y’all feel me?

So, what’s his Attraction Marketing Formula, then? Attraction Marketing Formula is an ebook for beginners that promises an opportunity to stop chasing prospects and deadbeat leads. Hence, the name. You don’t chase, you attract. When you’re irresistible, they’ll come at ya crawling on their own. That kind of vibes, get it? According to Ferny, this is the way to build your MLM like a real business.

From the intro of the ebook itself, the Attraction Marketing Formula is all about taking advantage of the internet, the most powerful advertising medium in the world today. Specifically, you’ll learn the foundations of effective advertising, copywriting, and lead generation. Personally, I’m not fond of using the term “foundations” here since the book is more of an overview. Anyway…

In the same intro, I found a bit that’s somehow interesting, something that’s worth noting. It’s none other than the mention of getting help from the “people that may have referred you to this course” if you’re not dedicated enough to make the formula work. Wait, what?

Heh, just kidding. I know damn well from the start that the ebook itself is some type of referral. There are a lot of info crumbs out there, not limited to the ebook itself, that hints at this being part of Ferny’s affiliate marketing program.

Also the reason why some of ‘em blog posts mentioned being an automatic affiliate of the formula if you’ve ever read it. I’m not BTW, thanks to a certain Daniel dude who risks being sued by Ferny and his boys from just to post this stuff on the net. You da real MVP Daniel. Also, rest assured that I’m not going to spit some BS to sell you this. Heck, I won’t try to sell this to you at all. Just saying.

Attraction Marketing Formula Review

So, is buying the Attraction Marketing Formula ebook that costs $27 worth it? It’s cheap, but I’ll advise you to spend your money on something else. First of all, buying this means joining some MLM which is a business model I don’t recommend. You’ll likely lose money plus more with this type of biz, no joke. The MLM statistics say it all.

I don’t think it’s also telling anything that you and I don’t already know. Refrain from the traditional networking grind (don’t obnoxiously beg for sales the old way), build yourself an impressive resume so people see you as an expert (more likely, fake it ‘til you make it), automate the follow-up process (spam unwanted emails and sms like someone’s inbox is yours to litter), and sneak in some upsells after selling a cheaper front-end product. That’s basically it plus his invitation to become his affiliate, pfft. 

To add, the book is just telling what needs to be done and not how to do it. Which brings me to the final point that keeps him and his ebook off my recommendations. That is, him selling upsells. I mean, kudos to him for actually following what he has written in his ebook, but no, I won’t be fine buying something that only conveniently leads to a pricier Elite Marketing Pro membership. Not the constant reminder of becoming an affiliate of his Attraction Marketing Formula ebook too. Not my cuppa tea, how ‘bout you?

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