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Sean Ferres is a coach who has a good track record of helping copywriters, closers, SMMAs, and other skilled freelancers land their first 3-5 high paying clients and sprint to $10k/mo in 100 days or less. He himself is also a highly-successful copywriter, and also a two-time summit speaker, having shared the stage with other known industry greats such as Dan Lok, Jason Capital, Dan Pena, Elliott Hulse, and Craig Ballantyne. And he claims that he can also help his fellow copywriters who are struggling with clients, through his Copy Millions Blueprint program. So can this help you as well? This Sean Ferres review may help you get the answer.

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Upon visiting his own website, you’ll then be greeted with a link asking you to download his free PDF document called “Clients On Command”. The PDF is supposed to teach you a few things about copywriting, including that one toxic piece of advice that makes high-paying business owners turned off to you (and how to avoid it), the so-called “Insta-Spear” method that one of his students claims to have used to land his first 3 high-paying clients, and even a free script that you can copy to help freelance copywriters land their clients. But as you can expect, the so-called “cheat sheet” only serves as a sales funnel meant to make you sign to his actual course, which is the Copy Millions Blueprint.

At first glance, you might think that the Copy Millions Blueprint is a training course about copywriting itself. It’s pretty close, but it’s not really the main subject focus. Sean Ferres will not teach you how to be a great copywriter and master things like writing headlines, unique value propositions, and even Call-To-Action posts. Instead, Sean Ferres‘ course is all about getting new clients, mastering sales, closing calls, and building your online authority. In short, he teaches you about sales talk, and how you can convince your clients that, as a copywriter, you’ll be able to bring a lot of value to their business and their marketing strategy.

The course contains pre-recorded video classes that, all together total 50+ hours of learning time, which is then spread over 11 weeks. Additionally, each class is worth around 4-6 hours. It contains various lessons meant to teach you various methods on how you can market yourself and grab plenty of high-paying clients. These include lessons about how and where you can find these types of clients, how to increase your productivity, expanding your network, building both your Facebook and Instagram presence, and even others like email outreach, lessons for virtual assistants, lead magnet building, etc.

Aside from the lessons, you’ll also get other add-ons that are typically included in any course. Such as access to a private Facebook group consisting of current and former students, and of course, weekly group coaching calls where you can ask questions from Sean Ferres himself.

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As good as Copy Millions Blueprint sound, however,  what this course lacks is that they don’t teach a proper business model. Sure enough. It does teach a skill that is very useful for any business. Like social media management, copywriting, and sales. However, it still puts emphasis on the fact that you’re still going to work for others, despite what he claims that these courses can give you “the laptop lifestyle”. Without teaching any useful business model, you’re basically going to continuously outreach thousands of business owners before getting one client. Which is going to be very hard, despite the training this can give you.

Sean Ferres also frequently associates himself with Jason Capital. In fact, he’s also a loyal follower of Jason Capital. It may not be such a big deal for most people, but some people may be a little bit worried because Jason Capital himself is also known for having a bad reputation as a financial guru (him also being associated with a certain Dan Lok isn’t helping, either.) But Sean Ferres himself isn’t really that bad. In fact, he may be one of the better financial gurus out there.

Overall, Sean Ferres’ Copy Millions Blueprint isn’t really a bad course. However, it’s quite pricey in my own opinion, and isn’t really for beginners, as you need to have prior knowledge of copywriting to be able to really succeed here. In my opinion, if you’re going to spend your $3,000 on an online course, it’s much better if you spend it on something that teaches you how you can actually build an online business.

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