FPA Workshop Review (Roy Lewis)

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Roy Lewis claims he knows a brand new way to earn $3,000, $5,000, even $25,000 or more each and every month on Amazon. And no, it does not involve selling any physical products like dropshipping, Amazon FBA, or others. Which is the usual thought when one talks about selling on Amazon. Instead, it relies on you selling digital products. Roy Lewis claims it’s so effective, that he’s made $2.3 million in the last five years doing this. And thanks to this, he’s now working a lot fewer hours, while earning a lot more. And he’s willing to teach it to you if you join his FPAWorkshop dot com.

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To understand how this “brand-new” business model works, let’s first discuss a bit about the platform that it works on. You see, Amazon also provides a platform on which you can self-publish your books, especially ebooks. It’s called Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP. Normally, when you want to publish a book to sell, you have to go through a publishing company, which has its pros, but also major cons as well. But with Amazon’s KDP, you don’t have to worry about finding a publishing company for your book, as you can self-publish it using Amazon’s KDP platform.

Self-publishing your written works has plenty of advantages compared to approaching publishing companies to do it for you. The primary reason is that you’ll get to earn more profits when your book sells, due to a bigger percentage of royalties. Another advantage of self-publishing your books is that you have full creative control over the content of your work. Not only that, you’ll earn all the rights to the material once it gets released to the public.

These two advantages are very important, especially to fictional writers. As they’ll be able to freely express themselves through their fictional works, without any outside interference. Finally, self-publishing your book means that it’s almost guaranteed that your work is going to get published. That’s because you’re not dependent on the schedules of the publishing company, so this means there’s almost no waiting time before your work gets published.

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The FPA Workshop, co-founded by Roy Lewis and Karla Marie, gives you a helping hand on how you can self-publish your books using Amazon FBA. But it actually goes beyond teaching you how you can self-publish your own books to sell. It actually helps you build an online business out of it that lets you create an almost passive stream of income from it. It not only teaches you how to use KDP platform itself, but it also teaches you how you can market your books so it constantly generates several figures of income. They claim it’s a recession-proof business because the market’s always growing. After all, a lot of people read books…

Since it relies on books, you may think that you need to be a good writer in order to earn money from this business model. But FPA Workshop assures you that you don’t need to. In fact, you don’t even need to be a writer to earn a lot from this business model. That’s because FPA Workshop will also teach you how you can hire ghostwriters to write the books for you. A good example of this is James Patterson, a prolific mystery novel writer. Apparently, he hired a ghostwriter for about 70% of his books. And he currently has a net worth of around $800 million. So, yes. It seems to be working well for him.

Roy Lewis says this about the FPA Workshop, “This FPA Workshop is about getting you your time back. It’s not just about making money. You can do that with a job. This Workshop is about changing your life and getting you your freedom back. Kindle publishing is the easiest online business to start.” If you’re interested in Roy’s suggested business model, you can book a call with the FPA team. The FPA Workshop costs $1,497 or three payments of $789. If you’re someone who’s passionate about writing their own book, then this could be for you. Otherwise, there are better alternatives to the business model. To find one, click on the link below.

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