6 Figure Method Reviews

6 Figure Method

6 Figure Method has done a major overhaul on their offer recently. From promoting a rather scummy options trading software, they’ve now shifted their focus on selling a dropshipping course. An updated one at that ’cause they’ve incorporated AI in its marketing gimmick. eBay? More like eBAI, amirite? But seriously, that’s the name of their “breakthrough” system. So, what’s next, then? AI-mazon? Before I start contemplating the future with AIs, lemme talk about what’s up with the course first.

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I mean, wanting to see a review of 6 Figure Method is what brought you here, right? Well, you’re in luck, I got you covered. Only the latest scoop for y’all. ‘Cause I won’t be talking about Ray Fisher, the stock photo dude from the previous option trading BS, like the other reviews that came before this. Gotta shut up about the past testimonial that featured an actress-for-hire from Fiverr too.

Instead, I’ll be talking about what’s in it now. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s all dropshipping and AI in the current iteration. No more stock photos [unless you count the money coming out a monitor graphic that still has watermarks, pffft!] ’cause they opt not to show anybody’s faces now. And yet, the moment this Mac Ling guy spoke, I just knew that he’s prolly chosen to fit the bill of a typical AI-loving, Silicon Valley tech bro. Sounds Chinese, he must be good with AIs, then.

Sarcasm aside, dude really got the stereotypical east asian accent. The sh*t that makes one call penny a pee-knee, and yes a frickin’ yeast. Don’t tell me he’s a doctor too? ‘C-cause, ’cause Asian?! Gosh. Is it time to call out these lowkey racist stereotypes about tech and Asians/Asian American? Maybe, yeah, although only one thing can be stated for sure: this presentation is seriously giving me the ick.

Anyways, Mac wraps up his intro part rather quickly to make way for a guy named Barry to take over. But before passing the mic, he tried his best to convince us that the video in their website is a live webinar replay. Acknowledging people in the live chat, asking them to get their water first, make themselves comfy and sh*t, although the abrupt transition makes me think otherwise.

Here’s the 6 Figure Method premise: Start a dropshipping biz on eBay with no paid traffic, but only using AI in a “sophisticated” way. Bold thing to say for something that relies on advertising, paid ads in particular, more than any other types of e-commerce biz. I guess, it’s not as bold as saying that they know how they can make anyone get a sale in just a couple hours. Some won’t even have their sites ready by that time, the hell?

I’ll take whatever they’re smoking… Or maybe not ’cause I don’t wanna be that delusional. Oh, and also, AI is the new guru buzzword, and the creators behind 6 Figure Method make sure to hype the bajeezus out of it. “Leaving all the heavy lifting to the power of artificial intelligence” to scale your biz, they say. Nope. Truth is, AI can’t do it all, at least not yet.

6 Figure Method Reviews

With all the fluff, the presentation drags for two long hours. I won’t bore you out like ’em any further, so here’s my takeaway. The 6 Figure Method peeps see their audience as naive and stupid, and it’s insulting. They say sh*t like, “They make profit on each product they sell because they sell them for more than they cost to buy… They only ‘buy’ a product after they have made a sale, so there is no inventory hassles or cost…” like DUH! That’s obviously the point of making a profit and dropshipping.

Seems like they’re fishing for idiots to buy 6 Figure Method course [revealed as The Complete Ebai System by Nahar Geva] that cost $997. And obviously, I want y’all to NOT take the bait. In other words, I don’t recommend this course at all. Turns out, this Ebai thingy is just as scummy as the previous options trading offer.

And it’s not just the course itself that I got problems with, but also their recommended “proprietary eBay crystal ball” in Zik Analytics, another creation of Nahar. The said subscription service has been accused of fraudulent charges by many. Said to have the worst customer service too, the type that’s either dodging your questions to avoid refunds or outright not responding to you at all. It’s really a huge mess, don’t even bother.

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