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Full Time Filmmaker Premium Review

Full Time Filmmaker Premium

Parker Walbeck, creator of Full Time Filmmaker, mentioned in a YouTube ad that he and his team help aspiring videographers and filmmakers in a lot of ways. From quickly improving the aspirants’ editing and shooting skills to guiding them in landing high-paying clients, Parker got your back. And don’t underestimate his marketing and business tactics as he credits it, aside from his filmmaking talent, for enabling him to work with famous brands such as Hyundai and Canon. More details on Full Time Filmmaker Premium below.

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According to Parker, learning from YouTube will only get you so far. And I somehow agree, filmmaking is not your typical DIY hacks that you can easily learn and replicate by watching a free video. In fact, you’ll probably encounter complications on starting your filmmaking gig right off the bat as picking the right equipment and software can be tricky. Brainstorming and tons of research is a must as the said tools can be expensive af (starting at four figures).

This is the reason why he offers Full Time Filmmaker Premium. He’ll show you everything you need to know about filmmaking from start to finish. And yes, including picking the right tools I mentioned earlier. Take the guesswork out of filmmaking, simply put.

So, what are the topics taught in Parker’s program? To give you a glimpse, let me list down its modules. Do note that the modules are not one big chunk of a training, but a series of bite-sized video lessons. The first ten modules are titled as follows: Introduction, The Equipment, The Technical, The Creative, The Editing – Premiere Pro, The Editing – FCPX, The Editing – Davinci Resolve, The Business, Cinematic Lighting, and The FTF Starter Pack.

The next modules I’ll mention are tutorials for creating thematic videos. They are titled as follows: Wedding Video Pro, Seamless Video Pro, Music Video Pro, Real Estate Video Pro, Travel Video Pro, Commercial Video Pro, Action Sports Video Pro, The 7 Day Filmmaking Challenge, and GoPro Video Pro.

Finally, the last set of modules, in no particular category nor relation to each other, are as follows: After Effects Training – Taught By Filmmakers VFX Guide, Photo Pro, Gear Reviews, Taught By You, and Course Creator Pro (Preview).

Looking at the numbers alone, I’m quite impressed  by the sheer volume of content. In total, the core training  has 24 modules, over 500+ video lessons, and 100+ hours of content (though you might end up not using a lot of it, downside of variety overload). And you’ll get it all plus access to a private community Facebook group, access to downloadable presets and coupon codes, and weekly live Q and A sessions once you purchase the course’s premium offer.

How much does Full Time Filmmaker Premium cost? Well, the regular price of Full Time Filmmaker Premium is one time payment of $997. Discounts are sometimes available on special occasions like the Black Friday sale.

Full Time Filmmaker Premium Review

My thoughts on this program? If filmmaking is your passion and you’re rich enough to not mind spending thousands of dollars on a course and starting equipment alone, then you might find Parker’s Full Time Filmmaker course worth it. It’s pricey, but it would be a godsend for people willing to bring out the brink’s truck to pay a premium for convenience.

If you’re looking at this as a way to earn money only and nothing more, then I’ll advise you to not purchase the premium. Filmmaking as a freelancer, in general, is a career that would likely take years before you make a living out of it. Even a $997 course won’t fast track the said timeline unless you’re a brilliant MF like Quentin Tarantino.

Besides, I find the marketing content in the course lacking. I don’t think a personal story from Parker, like the 48-minute video on “20 Things I Did in my 20’s to Become a Millionaire by 30,” would be considered as something that teaches marketing. It’s just not enough for a course that promises business and marketing tactics from Parker himself that magnet-pulls famous brands.

And oh, some topics dubbed as part of business and marketing, like the How to Set up Affiliate Marketing tutorial based on the affiliate program of Full Time Filmmaker itself, are out of place too. Just because you have the power to teach it doesn’t mean it comes with the responsibility to actually include it in your training. Don’t be a Peter Parker wannabe just because of your first name, I guess.

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