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Financial Leads Academy Review

Financial Leads Academy

Financial Leads Academy shows you how to go along with a financial advisor career the better way. No more tired feet from door-to-door selling nor tired mouth from socializing on networking events, apparently. What you’ll have is something that you can do anytime and anywhere. From the site, Financial Leads Academy promises a “lifestyle-friendly business so you can have more health, money, and happiness.” Curious about how different is this from the traditional prospecting grind? Read below to know more.

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For everyone’s information, Financial Leads Academy is technically no more. Instead, it assumes its parent company name of The Anywhere Advisor. Their reason is they want to unify their offers and make it clearer that their ultimate goal is to help their clients achieve location independence. I can get behind the latter reason as I’m confused myself at first with the Academy name. With The Anywhere Advisors, it become so obvious.

Still, I have some concerns on the rebranding especially when they scrape Oliver Grimard, the program’s President for more than 3 years, off their site. So weird when he’s still an admin of the program’s Facebook group. But let’s not get carried away and dive into some conspiracy theories regarding this guy. Instead, let’s talk about the program.

From the program’s website, it asserts two main characteristics that made them different from the usual. First, they have “proven” lead gen process for quality leads. Simply put, they’re not like the leads from Family First Life that are either fake or terrible. Not the leads with serial nope-r who’s tired of hearing and rejecting multiple financial advisors in a day. None of that, apparently. Instead, you’ll get “guaranteed estate planning appointments” that is done for you and booked directly on your calendar. Working on your own terms in selling, huh. I smell fake here just like a testimonial posted in the site where it’s TOO obvious that the guy is looking at a teleprompter for the script. Pfft.

Second, they’ll help you establish your brand on social media so you can reach your target audience. The latter characteristic is not that bad until you realize that the program is f*cking pathetic with it. Like, both program’s pages on Facebook, old and new alike, are getting none of the love. In fact, the very few reactions, I’m talking about single figures to none per post, are lowkey mocking haha’s and angry reacts. “Reach millions of customers that you’re not talking to now,” my ass.

And Terrance Mcmahon, the current face of Financial Leads Academy/The Anywhere Advisor, might flex his impressive on the surface-level personal Instagram account. But don’t get fooled by it. Sure, it has six-figure followers and consistently getting hundreds to thousands of likes every post. What’s with the comments, though? I’ve only seen 13 comments tops on a post, and that’s it. Some of the few comments are even calling out Terrance for offering too-good-to-be-true promises on his videos regarding the Academy. Yikes.

Financial Leads Academy Review

Anyhow, the biz is just as simple as its current name – being a financial advisor that can work from anywhere. And the program will show all the juicy deets on how to achieve this through a course material, weekly live Q and A calls twice a week, and access to a private Facebook group. There’s no mention of a price, but Financial Leads Academy/The Anywhere Advisor would likely cost you around a thousand bucks.

Nay to face-to-face, yay to online hey’s. This is what a work from anywhere (and anytime) financial advisor is, I guess. None of the traditional selling I mentioned earlier plus grinding referrals and some persuasive talks over a dinner that’ll attract more plate-lickers than actual clients. In fact, one of the things mentioned in the old introductory video is that the ‘rona won’t affect financial advisors anymore as you’re not limited to f2p work. Funny that they mentioned this when Terrance seems to deny its existence. The type to call out the news of a possible COVID-19 surge as fake and nothing but BS. Also, the type to agree that masks sucks (‘cause it’s not needed). C’mon, using the ‘rona narrative when you don’t believe it is just scummy af.

My thoughts here? The lack of verifiable success, and I don’t count the testimonials posted on the site that are likely paid actors from Fiverr or something, plus the likely pricey cost makes this not worth it for me. Until they provide some info, maybe a summary, of what they really do on their site, I really won’t consider them at all. I’m sorry but the mysterious vibes won’t sit well to me on any course or program.

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