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Nick and Megan Unsworth are the founders of the Life On Fire Academy, a coaching program that helps you launch and grow your own digital business. no matter what it is. They said that this coaching program is built on the basis of teaching the methods that just work. And it’s the result of the experience Nick has accrued in the past. All the different online moneymaking methods he tried, his failures, his success in finding something that works, it’s all condensed here. He claims that this is different from the others, but how true is this claim? And can they back it up with results? This Life On Fire Academy will tell you what you need to know.

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“I failed at eleven different businesses from eighteen to twenty-eight years old. And I went through the wringer. I bought people’s courses, did all these different things, and there’s a lot of people out there that claim they can help you make money.”, says Nick as he describes what the Life On Fire Academy is all about. He has claimed that God himself has given you a reason, a purpose, on why He has led you to this program. From that statement, it’s very clear that this training program may have some religious elements on it. It’s a good thing if you’re religious and living the faith, but I also understand that a method like that may not really work for everyone, especially if you’re practicing a different religion.

“This is the year that you say, ‘Yes, I’m going to answer that calling. I’m gonna clarify that message, and yes God, I’m going to do those things that you have given me. Those gifts, those talents, that maybe I have laid down. I’m ready this year to pick them up and share them with the world. I’m ready to create that course. I’m ready to help those people. I’m ready to make an impact.’ And we believe that you will receive income for that.”,  Megan further preaches as she explains the benefits of joining their program. They also explain that the online business they can teach you is entirely dependent on you. It could be a monetized YouTube channel, a podcast, a self-published book. It could be a virtual summit. Any online business you can think of, they got you covered. They’ll provide the traffic training, how to set it up, depending on what business you decided to do. But the real selling point is are the one-on-one coaching calls for the members. It’s not clearly stated when the coaching calls can take place, but we can assume that it happens at least once a week, or whenever you need it,  especially in the initial stages of the program.

The Life On Fire Academy also has some bonuses provided by members. There are free tickets to some of their live events, a complete done-for-you sales funnel, and even three “lifeline” calls in case you really needed the help. Plus there’s a nifty bonus that’s included in the program. If you managed to get your online business up and running within sixty days, Nick and Megan themselves will personally promote your business with some kind of shout-out on social media. And it’s known that they have a huge following on their social media accounts, so this can help.

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The cost is $997, but as it seemingly presents itself as an all-in-one course about starting a business, you can expect that there will be plenty of upsells for specific training on various business types. But despite this, you may want to steer clear of this program for a few shady reasons. The first reason is that some people have complained that Life On Fire Academy has a sort of MLM vibe on their business model. Because there’s a so-called “Point System” in place for members, and to increase their points, they simply recruit even more members. But what’s even interesting here is that all those “points” gained aren’t convertible to money at any point. These “points” are instead used as a form of payment so members can attend events hosted by the owners of this program. Kind of shady, right?

The second reason is even shadier than the first. There are accusations that Megan is actually an Atheist, and that she just preaching about God and other religious stuff here on Life On Fire Academy because they’re in it for the money. In defense of this, it’s also said that Megan was indeed an Atheist before, but discovered Christianity when they moved, which inspired them to create this course. Still, I think it’s pretty shady overall, and I don’t really think they’re sincere enough to help their students succeed. After all, who in their right mind would encourage someone to borrow some money for them to “learn some new profit-producing skills” using the program? I sure won’t.

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