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Family First Life

Family First Life is an insurance broker founded by Shawn Meaike. They don’t actually provide the life insurance policy. Instead, they  have agents that sell policies from actual life insurance companies. Are you interested in getting your own life insurance? Or maybe, are you enticed to join the ranks of Family First Life’s agents that are allegedly earning up to 144% in commissions? Either of those two, I recommend y’all to look the other way. Reasons why I don’t recommend the program are listed below.

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Hear me out, dealing with an insurance broker is not inherently bad. They’ll show you a plethora of insurance options instead of being laser focused on one. That’s usually a good sign of impartiality. They’ll also do the heavy lifting of researching and comparing the said options too, a task that could be tedious if you’ll do it yourself. The problem here is you’re dealing with brokers from a MLM company.

You heard it right, Family First Life,  besides being an insurance broker, is also MLM. Specifically, full-on MLM vibes on the way they handle and compensate their so-called agents. What this implies is a high chance of these agents not giving a single damn towards your actual insurance needs. Instead, they’ll sell whatever to get that juicy commission out of your purchase.

The cons of this being MLM translates all the way to being an agent. As if selling insurance policies is not hard enough, you’ll also get pushed to build your own agency of agents (aka recruit others to work as an agent too ) for three main reasons.

Obviously, the first reason would be having more agents is very beneficial to Family First Life. “The more agents, the merrier,” indeed. I mean, it’s completely risk-free for them as they’ll only pay when you’re able to sell a policy. No need for ‘em to compensate for all the hard work before closing the deal, such is the life of a salesperson. And to think some companies are already paying during the job training….

Second, you and the agents you’ll recruit would have to buy an insurance policy from Family First Life. An agent and their very own customer, they’re hitting two birds with one stone here. In other words, I believe this is one of the requirements before you can work as an agent here.

Third, the agents you’ll recruit, including  yourself, would be their customers for their CRM leads. Not a requirement per se, but you’ll likely need it to become a successful agent. It’s simple as shooting more means more chances of making a basket (unless you’re cold af like the “0-27” Houston Rockets, but in selling). If I may add, the said leads are terrible as well. And don’t take my word for it, I see a lot of reviews that mention these as fake leads or someone that got in touch and turned down other agents already.

Family First Life Reviews

Why work for a self-serving company, then? This is not me being naive as I know for a fact that almost all companies exist for the kaching. Family First Life just took it to the next level as you work for them while also being their primary customers. And it’s MLM combined with selling policies, ‘nuff said.

If you’re not familiar with why you should avoid MLMs, then let me spill the tea. The most important one is that it’s so damn hard to get any success in it. In fact, FTC notes that almost 99% of MLM participants lose money rather than make some.

Speaking of FTC, they actually sent a cease and desist demand last December 2021 against Family First Life. This is due to them, Family First Life, “unlawfully misrepresenting” their income claims. Simply put, they’re allowing their agents to spread BS about earning a substantial income with them. Obviously, it’s far from the truth. And that’s mentioning the ‘rona too as a piece of their selling point which is extra evil if you ask me. If that’s not enough to discourage you, I don’t know what will.

To conclude, Family First Life takes a hard NO for me. If you want to purchase a policy from an insurance broker for yourself, look for a company without MLM roots so you’ll be (almost) guaranteed that they’ll really help you in choosing the right option. Similarly, don’t work for MLM companies if you really want to become a salesperson and take your sales chops elsewhere.

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