Fitness CEOs Review (Tanner Chidester)

Tanner Chidester

Tanner Chidester, creator of Fitness CEOs, firmly believes that working in-person as a fitness trainer won’t cut it. And that’s because anything in-person will tie you down with time. You don’t want to be trading time for money, or so Tanner assumes. Besides, the money is more when you take your expertise on the internet. More tips from him plus the deets about his fitness training program below.

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His second tip would be to stop worrying whether you can fulfill your duty as a trainer or not. Instead, get your client first. Stop thinking about how you’ll do the training plan, meal plan, how you will talk to them, and how much will you charge for the service. All of that doesn’t really matter until you have an actual client. Take whatever lead you have, and basically YOLO. Y’know, get the business rolling first before worrying what comes after – you’ll cross the bridge when you get there.

I mean, you can easily tell your clients that it’ll take you a few days to get their plan together. They’ll agree for sure and you can figure it out for the meantime. No need to rush ironing things out before getting the client when you can easily get the job done after. Besides, you can get some help from a mentor along the way… Of course, he’ll say that as he’s selling Fitness CEOs, an online fitness trainers program/mentorship, after all. 

His third and final tip would be knowing the difference on how to do your job as an online fitness trainer compared to an in-person one. The latter is the more traditional method, so what you know is probably about that one. But it’s not the knowledge that differs here, but the mode of teaching and training. Obviously, online fitness trainers should have their resources online too. Duh.

He’s brewing a fitness app of his own, but it’s still under development. For the meantime, he suggests using either Trainerize or PT Distinction. Not only they’re a platform where you clients can see and access their plans from the get-go, both will also help you devise the said plan as well.

Not gonna lie, the said video slash advertisement is a breath of fresh air to me. He’s not out there being crazy with the income claims and overhyping the online fitness training space. And I know the tips he said are pretty basic, something out of common sense even, but it’s something you’ll still need to hear from someone who has already done the thang before. A reminder like that from a smooth talking guy won’t really hurt. Not when he’s not pushy with his mentorship unlike the others.

Fitness CEOs Review

Wait a damn second, sounds like I’m d*ckriding Tanner, am I? I swear I’m not affiliated with him nor handed out a duffel bag brimming with cash to promote his sh*t. Pinky promise, I’m not. Kidding aside, I’m just impressed with how he carries himself overall. Probably, it helps that I’m so f*cking used to the absolute worst of videos that are nothing but desperate selling. And oh, I also thought that he’ll be a total douchebag based on his appearance… Guess don’t judge a book by its cover, eh?

I may like him as a person, but I really won’t recommend his Fitness CEOs (nor his Elite CEOs offer that usually tags along) program. Why not? Well, the price of Fitness CEOs is reported to be $12k, ‘nuff said. But seriously, that’s a lot of money and way over the cap of what I’m willing to pay for his program that includes video training, access to an exclusive community, group calls, and one-on-one coaching. That’s a lot of content and I’m down for making a personal investment and all, but $12k is still a bit too steep of a price for a course with a restrictive refund policy (no refund if you’re over 25% of the video training materials) IMHO.

Speaking of the video training, Fitness CEOs might also be not for you if you’re only after the fulfillment training aka setting up the training and meal plans I mentioned earlier. In fact, the training is more focused on how to get leads and market your stuff, with all the modules dedicated to organic messaging strategies and paid ads, and only one for fulfillment. I do agree that the lead gen and marketing stuff is very important, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. And I won’t blame a wannabe fitness trainer for strictly wanting to learn fitness trainer things, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

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