Fizzle Review ( is not what it used to be. Back then, it was an online training hub for making money online mostly through starting a blog and  affiliate marketing. Now, the website would just redirect you to a business compliance and domain registration service called ZenBusiness. What happened? Why did fizzled out? I’ll answer in my review down below.

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Turns out, the answer to why it fizzled out is as simple as the previous owners selling it to ZenBusiness in 2022. One of the said owners, Corbett Barr, explains the rationale on why they did it in a blog post. He writes, “I sold because the opportunity was there and the price was right.”

In the same post, Corbett mentions that he really, really enjoy starting things. Saying bye-bye to Fizzle means starting over, so there’s that too. While he mentions how he’ll share more deets on the how’s and why’s on later posts, I think I’ve seen all I need to know. They’d get buncha money and opportunity to have a clean slate, so they understandably dipped. That’s it. is no more, but Mister-named-after-either-a-crow-or-a-car [Corbett, who else?] is still doing what he preached in Fizzle before. He still has a a blog, and still talking in podcasts every now and then. And of course, he’s still out here selling a subscription-based service. But instead of Fizzle membership, he’s now charging for access to his Starting Things newsletter.

That being said, let’s explore what’s up with then Fizzle. As an online training hub, Fizzle includes over thirty courses that tackles the how-tos of blogging, podcasting, affiliate marketing, email list building, and, in general, content creation. Like, they’ve also got something for telling a story, editing videos, and talking to customers.

The most notable “feature” here IMO is the Fizzle affiliate program. Instead of giving out monetary commissions, gives discounts to their membership. Refer one, get 20% off your monthly membership fee; refer two, get 30% off; and so on until your ninth referral. Referring nine people means you get your fee completely waived off.

Idk, I’m not looking forward to be a Fizzler for life. Seems like it’s short for piss sprinkler. But seriously, I’m a bit disappointed with the compensation plan. For a site with affiliate marketing as one of their focus, that’s kind of pathetic, although also understandable ’cause their fee is cheap. Better than nothing, I guess?

Anyways, besides the courses [aka collection of lessons in video format]. you’ll also get weekly live coaching sesh, and access to exclusive community forum, templates, worksheets, and podcast with your membership. The cost of Fizzle membership? Well, the monthly Fizzle membership fee is priced at $39 monthly or $348 annually.

If you’re someone who can “absorb” trainings rather quickly, the monthly fee is a bargain. The annual fee is not too bad either if you want to take longer courses in Fizzle like the 12-week long Start A Blog That Matters course. Just note that you’re paying more on convenience here ’cause it’s likely that the info within Fizzle’s courses can be found somewhere else for free.

Fizzle Review

I can say I’m resourceful and more than capable of doing the research and organization of info myself, but honestly, I don’t mind paying… If the price is right, that is. I still prefer onetime payment for lifetime access over subscription, though. The latter, while usually cheap initially, can add up to ridiculous amount if it’s going to be used for so long.

But then, would I recommend starting a blog to make money online just like what suggests in their training? No, not really. To me, blogging is more of a passion project rather than a way to make a living. If y’all gonna do it just for the online income, then don’t. There’s no such thing as income here for a beginner, at least not a consistent one.

Just don’t bother when majority consumes content through the apps of social media giants and not blogs. It’s a tough space, and unfortunately, not a David and goliath typa situation. So, yeah, I’m not really keen on recommending Fizzle. Not a fan of their business model. They’re  “gone” now, anyways.

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