Flatiron School Review, Cost, Concerns

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Flatiron School is an educational organization founded in 2012 by Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum. Though most people prefer to call Flatiron School as a “coding bootcamp,” which isn’t too far from the truth. They offer courses in the field of software engineering, computer programming, data science, product design, and cybersecurity engineering, and you can take these courses either onsite at one of their 8 campuses, or online. It’s main organization in based in New York City, and is known as one of the best coding bootcamps in the U.S. today. But something tells me this isn’t the case at all.

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Things weren’t really easy for the founders in the beginning, however. They needed first to secure some funding to establish the program, so they took two rounds of it from 2014 until 2015. Things were going smoothly, which led to the eventual founding of the Flatiron School itself. However, another trouble happened for them two years later. In 2017, they were sued by the New York State Attorney General for a couple of violations. The first one, operating without a license, and the second one, false advertising about the earning potential of its graduates. They eventually reached a settlement amounting to $375,000, however.

According to sources, the lawsuit is due to Flatiron’s false statements about the employment rate of their students after they graduate, and the average salary they receive. Flatiron School claims that their students have a 98.5% employment rate, and that the average salary they receive is around $74,447. However, the 98.5% figure includes freelancers and apprentices, which may or may not make up the majority of that percentage, leaving the actual number of students who have achieved full-time tech positions unknown. Also, the claimed average salary of $74,447 only included graduates in full-time employment.

From 2017 to 2020, Flatiron School had a number of takeovers and acquisitions. In October 2017, it was acquired by WeWork, a collaborative workspace company. It was during this takeover period that they launched Access Labs, a joint effort that aims to make tech education accessible to the low-income class in New York, through their Access Scholarship program. They also expanded their campus locations to several areas in the U.S., including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, London, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. A year later, in August 2018, Flatiron School acquired Designation, a Chicago-based UX/UI design school, and expanded its courses lineup to include UX/UI design.

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So how much do you need to spend to enroll in Flatiron School? Several sources say you need to pay $16,900 worth of tuition. Also, you need to put down first a $500 deposit, which is most likely deductible from the total tuition cost. Several companies are also offering scholarship programs for certain courses as well. Their requirements for eligibility could vary, though. The process for enrolling in Flatiron School is as follows: submit your application, conduct an interview with an admissions rep, submit a sample assignment and go over it with an instructor, and receive a decision as to whether or not you’re accepted within four business days.

How long does a course with Flatiron School last? It will take approximately three and a half months for on-campus students to graduate. For online/virtual students, the course can last for five to fifteen months before graduation. Obviously, you’ll need your own computer to attend all the classes of the course, whether it’s online or face-to-face classes. The actual time for each class can vary as well, but expect that you’ll need to devote at least 60+ hours of your time per week, and it’s spread between projects, lectures, studying, and assignments.

Flatiron School has received both positive and negative feedback. Some reviews praise Flatiron for its intensive and rigorous program that requires your preparation and dedication to the course at hand. The instructors are also known to be incredibly knowledgeable. They support you but they also push you to learn how to go out and find the answers on your own. On the other hand, some who claim to be real students have posted on online forums claiming that Flatiron School is something that they regret enrolling in. The educational quality inside is bad (but not that bad), and they’re known to handle and process scholarships rather poorly, forcing others to actually pay for the course.

Overall, despite the controversy that happened to them before, I think Flatiron School is okay if you’re looking to enroll in a coding bootcamp to learn a new skill in tech. However, what if I tell you that you don’t need to enroll in a coding bootcamp and learn some coding skills in order to earn a lot of money? If you find out that there’s a business opportunity out there that can be done even by people with no tech skills, would you be interested to learn more about it? I’m sure you are. So if you do, click on the link below and we’ll show you how.

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