Flipping Mastery Review (Jerry Norton)

Jerry Norton

Jerry Norton is consistent with posting wholesaling contents on his ‘gram. No surprises here as he’s known for being the wholesaler guy besides Peter Conti behind Mentor Financial Group, a program that allegedly helped hundreds of people get started with real estate. What’s lowkey odd is him having lots of different websites to plug at the end of every post. Not a single mention of Flipping Mastery that I’ll be reviewing below, though. Not on his twenty most recent posts, at least.

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You know what, whatever. His Instagram handle is literally “Flipping Mastery”, so, I guess, there’s no need to repeat it like a broken record. And, well, him having lots of unique urls and, in turn, lots of business opportunities might stem from the need to hustle hard. Guy’s a baby making machine and he needs a lotta bread for his wife and nine kids. You heard that right, nine of ‘em children’s mouths to feed!

So, to start off the review, let’s talk briefly about the Flipping Mastery guy Jerry first. Like every other guru claims, he got it rough early. He’s out there digging holes in construction sites for the minimum wage. Not a fancy job fosho, maybe even worse than a cubicle job. He’s living paycheck-to-paycheck as expected until he discovered wholesaling and flipping houses. The rest is history and he went from broke in his 20s to being a broker and becoming a self-made millionaire by the age of 30. His words, not mine.

To be fair, I do think that the guy is worth something, at least six figure net worth in particular. Not necessarily a reach to claim that he’s on his way to become a millionaire. However, I also believe that the chunk of that is from selling scummy, subpar at best, programs and business opportunities. Flipping Mastery not being exempted, especially its 10k Club offer.

Speaking of 10k Club, the said offer is the centerpiece of Flipping Mastery. Not the Flipster nor Fast Track Intensive listed on the site which are his flipping software and mentoring offer, respectively. And yes, I didn’t mention Peter Conti earlier for nothing. No sh*t, the premise of Flipping Mastery’s 10k Club is taking a page out of Peter’s book. In case you’ve missed it, Peter’s Commercial Dream Partner is sh*tty, and so is the copycat by Jerry. Can’t outdo the doer, duh!

Assuming you haven’t read my review on Peter’s, what’s the premise of it, then? Well, pay the $1,000 price of Flipping Mastery to get access to its training materials, a software to send your deals (Deal Genie), and the opportunity to work for Jerry himself. The last bit is the main selling point as you’ll be rewarded $10k for, what, a job well done and getting a deal approved by Jerry.

Thought ‘twas good? Hell nah. Only a real estate newb will think of that, no offense. Sh*t, paying $1,000 for a chance to work for someone is obviously a bad start already, isn’t it? Legit brokers won’t actually charge a single dime for you to bring them deals and essentially, do the legwork of the wholesaling process for them. Most importantly, $10k finder’s fee might even be an underpay for a deal that miraculously passes Jerry’s ridiculously high standards. About that…

Flipping Mastery Review

Getting a deal accepted here is like passing through the eye of a needle. There’s a reason the guy is also notorious for being super picky with deals. Like a typical kiddo hating on the damn veggies. Let’s just say that he has a knack for finding the smallest of flaws on a great deal. IMHO, this is a deliberate attempt to not pay the promised fee unless it’s a very lucrative deal that only paying $10k would be criminal. Quite frankly, he’s usually only after the $1,000 for Flipping Mastery and, maybe, getting free leads to populate his deal finder website.

With that being said, I’m not recommending Jerry’s Flipping Mastery. It’s terrible and not worth the price. Not worth it for its training materials that you can easily find for free online, not worth it for the unresponsive customer service, and most importantly, not worth it for a business opportunity that’s predatory in reality.

If not for the fine print with a threat of Jerry suing anyone (the audacity) who’ll expose the hell out of them, he’ll be hiding now from authorities for his scummy ass. Just like the real estate scammer he’s tight with, Clayton Morris, who recently lost a $7.2 million lawsuit. What they say, the birds of a feather flock together.

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