The Flirt Method Review

There are a lot of people out there who struggle with flirting. This may seem like an unusual way to start off a review. But this happens to a lot of people. Physically attractive people have an advantage when it comes to flirting with other people. I mean, if a guy or girl who’s really, really attractive tries to flirt with me, I would probably be more interested in them. But it isn’t as easy for people who weren’t really gifted with good looks. Attraction isn’t just reliant on good looks, maybe it’s how a person presents themselves to other people or how they talk and what they talk about. But sometimes people, especially guys, don’t really know how to flirt with people who may or may not share their gender identity.

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The Flirt Method is a online training program co-created by Marni Kinrys, better known on the internet as your “personal wing girl,” and Marissa, whose last name doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere. The premise of the program is that men don’t generally know how to flirt. Even if they thought they did, they’re probably not doing it right. Women, at least according to what she says on the video that’s on the program’s official website, see good flirting skills as the thing that a man should have. It doesn’t really matter if you look like a supermodel and have a six-figure salary. As long as you know how elicit a rush of feelings in a women through flirting, you’re basically set.

Some of the things that she says are also written in some form below that video. Marni seems to have a way to get close to a point but not really make it. You kind of have to listen carefully to what she’s saying in the introductory video to get something out of it. She mentions that having good flirting skills will give the person that you’re talking to feel like she’s on a roller coaster. There are a lot of emotions going through them as you flirt with them. If things go well, she will feel euphoric and be more keen to talk with you more. If it doesn’t, well you probably need to practice a bit more.

As you scroll through the website, you will see a lot of copy that will hopefully get you to click on the big button that says “ADD TO CART”. You can’t really avoid that button because it’s in every section of the page. And I mean EVERY section. There will be a lot of reviews made by the men who joined the program saying that The Flirt Method worked for them. If you can’t believe the reviews that are just attributed to some random guy, there are also some screenshots from a Facebook group for the program that feature similar reviews.

What you get for the $47 that you might pay for the program is basically the same as a lot of online training program. You are given some login credentials that gives you access to a special part of the Wing Girl Method website. You get a PDF of the F-Formula/Flirt Method and supplementary video in case you didn’t want to read. There’s an audio book version. They definitely thought about all of the formats that guys might be interested in. Each part of the formula is split up into different sections on the website. It features some illustrations that may help you visualize what you need to do.

That’s basically what the entire program entails. It will take about two months of practicing in order for you to hopefully master the method. Yes, you read that right. Two months. Nobody really said that it was going to take you a short time to master it. Some people have managed to get dates within six weeks. But things like flirting need experience. And you can only do that by actually applying the methods you’ve learned. Success is reliant on the effort you make towards it. Maybe the success can happen instantly. It’s never guaranteed.

For the most part, it seems like there is something that you can learn from this program. One of the points made in the program is that you should “flirt” with other people. You basically need to socialize with other people in order to get the hang of it. Socializing is basically flirting but for people you don’t want to date. Or maybe you do. I don’t know what you’re into.

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