Flourish and Thrive Academy Review (Tracy Matthews)

Trace Matthews

Jewelry has always been an obsession of many. Besides being a status symbol to display grandeur, wearing it could also express your taste, showcase your culture, and/or reflect your personal values. While craftsmanship is still given the utmost importance here, there’s also a trend towards increased use of storytelling and branding to market the jewelries. And if marketing such is what you desire to learn, Flourish and Thrive Academy got something in store. Review below.

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Tracy Matthews of Flourish and Thrive Academy asserts that she and the Academy helps with actionable marketing and e-com strategies that work no matter what. It’s what she used in her own custom jewelry business that makes six figures every year. Whether you’re a jewelry maker, a designer, or a retailer, the Academy offers its help to make you sell more.

So, their assumption is that you’re only selling your jewelries offline [or any creative/artistic products for that matter]. But then, you want that to change since you’re aware how having an online presence is a must now. Because in this ever-changing digital landscape, a virtual store is said to be mandatory to your business success.

The Academy know what it’s like to feel lost and overwhelmed in finding what strategy works and what doesn’t, and it sucks. This is the main reason they’re created. You don’t have to do some trial-and-error to avoid the mistakes Tracy and countless business owners made before. You don’t have to learn it all by yourself either.

With the guidance of Flourish and Thrive Academy, you can do that, make less mistakes and feel supported throughout your learning journey, and more— scale your business online while also leveraging your existing sales channels. As they mentioned on their site, “You deserve a business that enhances your life, not one the weighs you down.”

The Academy mainly provides three things: A clear plan of action to implement an effective sales system as quick as possible; expert coaches besides Tracy and other founders, so you can get the specific one-on-one coaching that you need; and a trusted community with your fellow entrepreneurs.

For their offers, they have mini and “quickstart” courses such as The Fast Cash Strategies and How To Start A Jewelry Business. They also have something for businesses that are already earning six figures in Momentum. Then, there’s à la carte services such as 1:1 Personalized Collection Review and 1:1 Website Audit.

But the one I’ll talk about more extensively is their signature offer in Laying The Foundation (LTF). It’s a twelve-week online training for those who desire a five, six-figure jewelry business. ‘Member the bit about the importance of storytelling and branding on jewelries? They’ll talk about that here and much more.

Specifically, LTF comes with video modules, checklists, cheat sheets, DFY scripts, bonus mini courses, and four months of access to a mentorship group. This offer of Flourish and Thrive Academy cost a one-time payment of $1,995 [with several flexible payment plans available. If you want an additional four months of mentorship and six one-on-one coaching sessions, then the price will balloon to $5,995.

Pricey, I know. But many students say it’s worth it, just like Lisa Vrooman of Talks To Animal Shop. She exclaims, “The Flourish and Thrive Academy programs have saved me so much time and money, plus the quality of information they provide can be tailored to you and your vision of success— nothing here is cookie-cutter!”

Flourish and Thrive Academy Review

But for some outside Flourish and Thrive Academy’s website, they even go as far as to call it a scam. According to a person of pseudonym J. Rippin, the “masterclass” [LTF based on the price they mentioned] is just comprised of basic marketing information that you can google for free, all “useless copy pasta decorated with false promises.”

But J, why pay attention to someone anonymous? Well, it makes sense that they’re laying low since Tracy is allegedly threatening legal action to anyone who dare voice out their frustrations towards LTF and other Flourish and Thrive Academy programs. It’s a not-so-sneaky way to silence critics, especially those who won’t bulge on signing an NDA.

To have a scathing review like J. Rippin’s is concerning to say the least. But honestly, I can neither confirm nor deny if it’s true. All I know is the price and how damn expensive it is. And looking at the modules of LTF, it’s not that different from cheaper marketing courses. I don’t think y’all should bother, really.

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