Cash Flow 101 Review

Cash Flow 101

Cash Flow 101 mentions in their site that they prefer not to use hype or to make any bold claims with their PR stuff. One sentence later, they did the opposite and dropped a rather bold claim. The said claim? Well, it’s being able to earn around $20k up to $80k a month with their business model. Too good to be true? I think so too. More info about this program in my review below.

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So, how will Cash Flow 101 deliver on their ridiculous income figure, then? From the site, it’s through their so-called The One-Up Pay plan. Here, the cash flow that you can receive depends on the level you made a pledge for. There’s four levels of them and I’ll explain it— the cost, the perks, and the bonuses— right here, right now.

To start, the first level of Cash Flow 101 costs $1,600 which is inclusive of an admin fee at $100. Here, you’ll earn $1,500 for every lead you convert (more on this later) and there would be no freebies for taking advantage of the 48-hour action taker bonus. Next is the second level that costs $3,700 ($200 admin fee). The earning here would be $3,500 per conversion. Unlike the first one, the second level has a 48-hour action taker bonus of free upgrade to third level plus 300 paid visitors to your website.

Meanwhile, the third level costs $6,800 ($300 admin fee) and will give $6,500 earnings per conversion. The bonus would be a free upgrade to fourth level plus 600 paid visitors to your site. Finally, Cash Flow 101’s fourth and most expensive level cost $9,900 ($400 admin fee). Earnings would be $9,500 per conversion and it comes with a one up qualification pledge plus 900 paid visitors to your website as a bonus.

Levels, pledge, conversion… Do y’all already realize where is this going, eh? If your answer is no, don’t worry because I got you. See the lead conversion I mentioned earlier as a way to earn in this biz? It’s not just making a sale out of a lead that goes to your website, the more apt description of it would be actually you being successful to refer other people to buy Cash Flow 101 levels… Earning commission from direct invites, sounds like network marketing and MLM, right?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not even MLM at all. In MLM, at least, you still have actual products to sell in order to earn from it. Here, you’ll only get some when you recruit others to join the levels and that’s it. Shit’s illegal and issa pyramid scheme through and through. A gifting pyramid scheme in particular.

If you’re unaware, the particular scheme is much worse than the typical barebones version. It’s because the ones joining the program not only waste their money on an illegal and unsustainable biz, but are also helping the scummy mastermind behind the program evade tax by “gifting” their payment.

Cash Flow 101 Review

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend joining Cash Flow 101. It’s illegal, period. Not enough reason? Well, it’s also expensive af for a membership and, what, a few hundred sh*tty leads to a website. In the end, you’ll have to do all the heavy lifting on inviting people to join as well. But, yeah, it’s blood, sweat, and tears for nothing usually because such an expensive membership is definitely hard to sell.

Besides, we don’t even know who the heck is running the program. The lack of transparency in that regard is another red flag. What they say, if you have nothing to fear, then you have nothing to hide. These mofos here are doing the opposite, they’d be hiding and not giving any hints on who they are. I guess, it’s them preparing for the time when authorities shut their ops eventually. Y’know, they gon’ be put behind bars fosho if the officers know where their asses are. 

Lastly, anything that involves recruiting others to earn money is not a good business model. Yes, even the (somehow) legal MLM and network marketing. You’ll resort to spamming social media with “business” nonsense and annoying friends and the fam with “business” opportunities they don’t want to be part of. Essentially, you’ll be begging nonstop. Who wants that? That’s a far cry from being your own boss as they usually promise.

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